Fall Wedding Themes

FallWeddingThemes thumb Fall Wedding Themes

Fall is such a beautiful time of year, after a long hot summer and plenty of rich colors it is the perfect escape brought to us directly from Mother Nature. If you are planning a wedding in the fall there are so many gorgeous opportunities and backdrops to take advantage of right outdoors; and the cooler temperatures can make it appealing for many brides, and especially the grooms.

Here are some of our favorite fall wedding themes to take into consideration as you plan your wedded bliss, with the love of your life!

Fall Themes

Fall provides many opportunities for different wedding themes and are most often accomplished through decorations and small accents. A country fall festival could be a simple and elegant outdoor theme, using seasonal décor in mason jars, raffia, and simple round lighting (think Hope Floats). Prairie Wedding with a beautiful green hill could be another great them to play on. You could also play on the backdrop of the fall leaves for a theme. Look around the season, get creative and find what moves you!

Get Into Nature

The most beautiful part of a fall wedding, besides the blushing bride, has got to be all of the rich color tones that can serve as a gorgeous, yet simple, backdrop. Whether you are planning an outdoor or indoor wedding, the lush, natural scenery outdoors can pose as the perfect landscape for your wedding portraits. The splashes of deep oranges, reds, browns and yellows will serves a beautiful pops of color amongst your gorgeous dress. If you love nature and being outside, the fall can be a perfect time to plan your wedding.

Play Off the Season

Fall makes for a wonderful time of year to get creative with your wedding. Play off the beautiful colors outside and draw that into your wedding theme. Incorporate what Mother Nature has provided by using nature in your decor; this will give your wedding a rustic, yet elegant feel, not to mention plenty of ways to cut down on costs! Think about using fallen leaves as your aisle runner decorations or decorate with pine cones, figs, apples, pumpkins – there are so many gorgeous fall pieces you can incorporate; but a word to the wise, do not choose too many different pieces as you want to be subtle in your fall accents and keep it clean and simple. Add accents to your cake, place settings, centerpieces and even invitations and then use your colors to play into the rest of the theme. Pop color with the flowers, bridesmaid dresses, napkins, candles, etc.

Choosing Your Fall Accent Colors

Again, limiting your choices to one or two colors can really help streamline your décor and keep it pleasing to the eye. Browns and oranges, fall whites with pops of red and plum, and even the greenery of evergreens with browns are gorgeous ideas for a fall color scheme.

Fall Cuisine

To complete the perfect fall wedding, hone in on the season and serve your favorite fall dishes. A fig and pear spring salad, pumpkin spiced soup served in a small decorative pumpkin, followed by a delicious main course that could range from orange duck, to roasted lamb chops served with a side of mashed sweet potatoes and steamed root vegetables can provide the many tastes of fall as well as a beautiful variety of rich fall colors. You could even get creative and serve a signature apple cider drink and hot cocoa for the kids!

Fall Home Maintenance Tips

FallHomeMaintenanceTips thumb Fall Home Maintenance Tips

If your spring brings cleaning and your fall brings maintenance, then know that your home is not alone in this pattern. While you likely conduct maintenance every season, there is something about the spring and fall shifts taking us from one temperature extreme to another that invites those checklist type of tasks. So, keeping with that theme… here is a fall home maintenance checklist for you to tackle before it becomes too cold to do so.

#1 Prepare your grounds for winter

This doesn’t mean start sprinkling the salt and sand on the walkways, but as a step prior to this you should examine your walkways for needed repairs before the paths are too slick to walk on. Also make a point to fix those leaky sprinkler heads and faucets before a slight problem becomes something major requiring repair in the winter. Most likely it will be worth the money now to avoid the cost and headache of winter repairs. Take a moment to fertilize your lawn; this will help feed your lawn for the winter and protect against springtime weeds. And to make fertilizing the lawn even easier, first pack away all of your seasonal lawn furniture. Let’s face it, you won’t be using that hammock or lounge chair again for months, so you might as well clean it and put it away for a while to prevent any unnecessary wear and tear from the cold weather.

#2 Protect against drafts

Check your home for drafts especially around doors and windows. The majority of your air conditioning and heat is lost through doors and windows, and this is the place your home is most vulnerable to outside air making its way into your home. You might want to use the fall season to prepare your windows with heavier drapes, repair cracked or missing caulk, and replace worn weather stripping.

#3 Conduct fireplace maintenance and inspection

Some people will reach for a log of firewood more frequently than they turn up the thermostat. Fireplaces create a wonderful winter ambiance as they help to heat your home, but if left un-serviced they can also be a hazard. Hire a professional chimney sweep if necessary.

#4 Examine roof and gutters

Perhaps while you are outside conducting your evaluation of the grounds (fall chore #1 in this list), it would be a good time to clean those gutters and ensure your roof does not have any leaks that can prove much more troublesome if you try to brave the winter without attending to them.

#5 Change your air conditioning filters

Just set a calendar appointment now and this way there is a reminder in place to have you change the central air conditioning filters in your home on a regular basis. If your home has other air filters such as filters for fans and humidifiers, then this is a good time to clean or replace those as well. Fall is the time to make sure you are keeping your family breathing healthy and clean as your approach the colder months.


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