How Did I Get Here?

People are too much work. I’m lonely. I miss having people drop by for dinner. I miss being able to vent. I do feel like the biggest “meanie” on the planet, and I can’t figure out how I got here. I was coping. I was a good mom. I was a social person. I fell in love. We’re great! But sometimes, life just gets so lonely and falls into a painful RUT! Do you ever get absolution?

How many of you wake up one day wondering just how you got to this particular place in your life?

slippersandlonelyisolationofahousewifeandmom thumb How Did I Get Here?

I’ve been there a few times myself. I used to travel a lot. I used to go to social events all over the U.S. I used to date kinda-famous people for crying out loud.

Now my day consists of work, laundry and an occasional phone call. But, you wake up one day and feel like you’ve grown to a place of isolation and the people who once surrounded you, have been overlooked so long, they now overlook you.

Advice, anyone?

Even if you don’t have advice, perhaps you can join in to just share and lean.

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Deadbeat Parents Photos on Pizza Boxes – Now There’s an Idea!

pizzabox thumb Deadbeat Parents Photos on Pizza Boxes – Now There’s an Idea!

Years ago, my friend Angela and I had discussed how cool it would be if Budweiser would put pictures on beer cans of deadbeat parents! But then again, the only people that would likely see them, and care, are the deadbeats themselves.

I’m all for any program that publicly calls out perv’s or people who deny their children child support.

What about pictures and stats on pizza boxes?

Should people who deny their children child support have their privacy protected?

Once, it took my ex a month behind bars to show him how serious I am about Child Support. I never asked for anything at all outside of that child support – and that’s only at the rate of $100 per week.

When my kids would receive their support, I made sure my kids know they should thank their dad when they talked to him. They always made sure sure he knew everything his child support was doing for them. From eye exams to shoes, and from school sports etc. to some little something they just wanted!

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The Mic Is On: Open Mic Day on Not Before Coffee

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What do your adult kids want for Christmas?

How many other parents of adult/grown kids are having a hard time buying for their kids? My kids just keep saying they want money!  Money, money, money!  ACK  I’m sick of it! I don’t want to give them money!  I don’t want to give them gift cards!  I want REAL gifts under the tree for them to open at Christmas! What fun is it, opening up an envelope?  I do that every day and let […] Read the Full Article »

I Joined the ItWorks Skinny Wrap Craze! Results Forthcoming!

A few months ago, I saw a girl I know talking about the ItWorks wraps. She is a loyal customer and a believer in the product – but, she is not a distributor. That’s what got me intrigued to begin with. I quietly watched her comments and saw how many people would snap at the chance to purchase a single wrap when she got her next order. I began checking into the product a little […] Read the Full Article »