More Fake News: Paul Ryan’s Healthcare Replacement is NOT a Death Sentence for Cancer Patients

This morning this article come across my feed on Facebook:  Paul Ryan’s Obamacare Replacement Is A Death Sentence For Cancer Patients which opens up by saying:

Speaker of the House Paul Ryan made it clear during his CNN healthcare town hall that his plan to reduce healthcare costs involving moving cancer patients to high-risk pools that will be run by the states with benefits capped. In other words, cancer patients will be given less healthcare and lower odds of survival.

paul ryan obamacare replacement plan not a death sentence for cancer patients

That’s just NOT true! Let me explain and hopefully relieve some of the anxiety so many are experiencing with these types of scare tactics, headlines and articles…

First, you need to know the FACTS in numbers:

Here in the U.S., we make up 4-5% of the world’s whole population and 33% of the developed world’s population, yet account for 42% of all pharmaceutical revenue.

Note: In a quick bit of research on ONE pharmaceutical company, I found Johnson & Johnson, in 2015 reported the following:

  • PROFIT: $70+ Billion
  • MARKETING: $21+ Billion

What does THAT tell you?

According to a report by the Center for Public Integrity, congressmen are outnumbered two to one by lobbyists in an industry that spends $100+ million a year in campaign contributions and lobbying expenses to protect its profits.

The drug lobby worked very hard to ensure Medicare would NOT be allowed to cut into the profits of big Pharma with special thanks to millions of new customers delivered to them each year by Part D.

How it Works Exactly:

The Medicare Prescription Drug Bill is “a give-away to the drug makers” because it prohibits the government from negotiating lower drug prices and bans the importation of identical, cheaper, drugs from Canada and elsewhere. However, other government agencies like The Veterans Affairs agency, CAN and DOES negotiate drug prices, pays MUCH less than Medicare. The bill was passed in an unusual and secret congressional session at 3 a.m. under heavy pressure from the drug companies.

This bill bans the federal government from negotiating prices like other insurance companies do. When the government program CAN’T negotiate lower pricing, and the entire healthcare industry can charge what they want of a government system that’s guaranteed to pay up, why would they lower pricing that sets the standard?


Ironically, President Obama’s ACA did and does NOT include ANY provisions directed at reducing the prices Medicare pays for drugs. The ONLY mention of Part D in ACA was “the statute’s closing of the “donut hole,” the out-of-pocket amount seniors pay for drugs when their spending exceeds the coverage level but falls short of the catastrophic level at which benefits resume.”  Thus, the ACA (Affordable Care Act) or Obamacare, whatever you wish to call it, does NOT address the greatest threat to American’s which is the high cost of prescriptions.

Believe half what you see, and none of what you hear especially from lame-assed media websites. I URGE you to take the topic and dig deep into the very heart of the topic where the political motivations become so much clearer and the truth can be found.

Paul Ryan’s Obamacare Replacement Is NOT A Death Sentence For Cancer Patients – Here’s Why!

The way I read the plan and with the research I have done into the reason WHY our healthcare is so expensive – it seems like this is one of, if not the ONLY way to get that shady-assed Medicare bill destroyed.

By privatizing insurance and putting it back in the hands of the states, that releases that federal ban and will allow for negotiations like it should be.

This isn’t about harming people with pre-existing conditions, this is about reigning in the healthcare industry who has spun entirely out of control with their pricing.

A prime example was the recent Epipen that shot up to $700+ right after a federal contract was signed that every public school had to maintain a certain number of Epipens based on the number of students. They got their $700+ in the initial push into schools and would have never lowered the price had there not been such a massive, public outcry.


If you want healthcare to truly be affordable and to the benefit of everyone – getting it into the hands of the states and on a budget is the ONLY way it’s going to happen because of that federal bill.

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Why These Senator’s Voted Against Cheaper Medicines

Scrolling through my Facebook feed this morning, I came across this image and knew there had to be much more to the story. This is one industry that has a LOT of money invested in D.C. and it’s not just going in the pockets of Democrats – BOTH sides are equally corrupt when it comes to pharmaceutical and health care.

Democrat Senators Who Voted Against Cheaper Medicines  

My first thought was they are simply motivated by the money they receive from the pharmaceutical companies. Still, I was curious to dig a little deeper. Then I found this article Cory Booker Joins Senate Republicans to Kill Measure to Import Cheaper Medicine From Canada which reads in part:

Bernie Sanders introduced a very simple symbolic amendment Wednesday night, urging the federal government to allow Americans to purchase pharmaceutical drugs from Canada, where they are considerably cheaper. Such unrestricted drug importation is currently prohibited by law.

The Senate voted down the amendment 52-46, with two senators not voting. Unusually, the vote was not purely along party lines: 13 Republicans joined Sanders and a majority of Democrats in supporting the amendment, while 13 Democrats and a majority of Republicans opposed it.

See the full vote here

It is my personal opinion this measure was shot down because Bernie threw in his own “symbolic style” amendment # SA 117 that reads:

ensuring that health care is a right of all Americans, not a privilege dependent on where you live, what job you have, or how much money you make, which shall include a Medicare for All plan to cover everyone in the United States

I used to think health care was a right, but the older I get, and the more I see people abusing programs that enable them to live off the government instead of taking responsibility for their own choices, I have had a change of heart.

When sneaky politicians do things like this, it almost always ensures a rejection. By getting the other side to reject a bill that would obviously be to the benefit of ALL American’s, they are handed even more fodder to promote their divisive agenda – them against us, the rich versus the poor, etc.

It’s so lame!

You can see how several jumped in with their own amendments agenda and butchered what COULD have been a very good thing! There is absolutely NO reason we should not have the option to choose more affordable medications from Canada (or anywhere else) where U.S. based pharmaceutical companies have research, development and manufacturing facilities.

Do you have any idea how many pharmaceutical companies have their headquarters in the United States while having many of their operations set up in other countries? MOST of them! What does that tell you?

I am thoroughly convinced that several of those who oppose S.Amdt. 178 in the name of “safety” are full of it. It is absolutely NOTHING more than politics-as-usual and pure greed! Take those names attached to the amendments here, look them up on – betcha’ find many of them have valuable reason to sabotage any bill that would lower the cost of medication!

In the end, we don’t need imported meds from Canada – we don’t need to pay politicians a ton of money to debate this type of thing – ALL we need is for that that asinine Medicare Prescription Drug Bill to GO AWAY!

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