How I Save $180 a Year on Razors – DIY Sharpening Technique

sharpen shaving razors

Razor blades can be very expensive. Most people use their blade for a week or two, then change it.

This simple ‘Blue Jean Sharpening Method’ will extend your blade and deliver a sharp, smooth shave for months and months.

When you finish shaving, grab one leg of a pair of blue jeans, hold the end with one hand and with the other simply stoke the razor along the entire length of the blue jean for roughly 20 strokes, then switch directions. The threads of the jeans run diagonal so switching directions provides balance to sharpening the blade’s edge.

Doing this, takes the fine nicks out of the blade and keeps the blade sharp.

It’s a good idea to sharpen before and after each shave just to make sure you’re getting maximum mileage out of your blade.

Storing Your Razor

I also blow on the blade to knock off any water to avoid oxidation and rust; the biggest enemy of a razor blade. I also store my razor by resting it, blade up, on the side of my tub to ensure all the water runs out.

Some people drop their razor, blade down, into a cup of rubbing alcohol to store it until next use. This helps to eliminate small traces of water.

Not only does this provide you with a sharp, smooth, shave – it can save you lots of money.

The Math – Save, Save, Save!

At the time of this writing, my Schick 5 ct. refill pack sales for $15.94 + tax ($17.05). If you generally get a week’s worth of use per blade this will run you around $187.55 per year + tax!

If I get 6 months per blade and can extend my use for two years, which is very likely. The math works out to $6.82 per year + tax

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