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Black or White – Left or Right – A Thug is a Thug

As I watch the events unfold in Ferguson, Missouri, I am withholding my own opinion on the Michael Brown case until all the evidence is in. I am anxious to see the results of the touch DNA tests on the officers car and his gun. Although, at this point, I think any evidence that falls in favor of the police officer will be perceived as biased or tainted. I’m not sure there is anything that can heal Ferguson – short of a life sentence without parole for the officer in question. And we all know, that’s not going to happen.

It’s hard, given the recent audio account from an eye witness that was released and the video released from the convenience store. No one can know if there was excessive force or not – especially since the one witness, this Dorian Johnson guy, obviously lied in his version of what happened. Everyone has their version but the evidence does not and will not lie – it’s best to wait until it is all in, before jumping to any conclusions.

It’s sad that Ferguson, Missouri is falling, in an out-of-control spiral, into an even deeper poverty. What is being called a “peaceful protest” has turned into a full-blown, looting opportunity by individuals who don’t care that they are repressing their friends, family and neighbors even more.

I have a message for all the Looters! You are doing NOTHING to help your situation! NOTHING! The thing is, in the eyes of the world, if it looks like a thug, acts like a thug, then it’s probably a thug and that’s exactly what the peaceful protesters are trying to combat, but you are destroying their hard work.

The real definition of a thug – a cruel or vicious ruffian (tough guy), robber, or murderer. The definition does not define these tough guys by race and the only “black and white” that appears in the definition, is the PRINT!

Now, when I visualize a thug, this is what I think of:

redneck-skinhead-black gangster-all thugs

Call these images, redneck, white trash, skinhead, neo-nazi, gangster, gang banger, or thug – call them whatever you like – the fact is, if I were walking down the street and any ONE of these guys were to be within my breathing space (even without their guns), I would be nervous. I would get the hell away from them as quick as I could. I have NO idea who these guys are – I found the images online and pulled them together in a collage to depict what I think of when I think of a THUG!

One is just as scary as the other to me. Is that profiling? HELL NO! What that IS, is me basing my opinion on an image that has been established by other individuals who “resemble” these guys.

If everyone were honest, they would freely admit they would be just as leery of anyone who looked like these guys – and that’s okay! That’s not profiling, that’s just being SMART based on perception!

Share Your Thoughts – I’d love to know!

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