a memory was something you lost
an application was for employment
a program was a TV show
a cursor used profanity
a keyboard was a piano
a web was a spider’s home
a virus was the flu
a CD was a bank account
a hard drive was a long road trip
a mouse pad was where a mouse lived
and if you had a 3 1/2 inch floppy
  … you hoped like hell nobody found out.

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To Botox or Not to Botox? That is the question

A friend of mine brought up the topic of Botox on Facebook earlier, with the following statement:

A friend doesn’t like the thought of putting poison into our bodies to keep them looking young, which is a good point. BUT, we actually put poisons into our bodies all the time! For example.. alcohol! So why not make the poison work to our aesthetic benefit?!

Maybe someday I’ll feel differently, but for now my view is this…

I would much rather have a few wrinkles and look as though I am older and wiser than to get a bad Botox job and look as though vanity bit me in the ass.

Some of the bad Botox jobs that come to mind are Suzanne Somers (she was beautiful without it), Janet Dickenson (can’t fix ugly inside), Kate Gosslin (the eyebrow disaster taught her a lesson I think) or Lisa Rinna (leave the lips alone!).

So what do you think about Botox? Have you tried it? Would you try it? To what extent would you go to maintain a youthful appearance?

Improve your blog, make more money and network with other bloggers – Join our Tribe

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8 Fall Comfort Food Dishes

There is something great about Fall. The cooler weather rolling in combined with gorgeous fall colors and short days that screams for some warm comfort food. Fall is about smelling delicious concoctions in the kitchen to help warm our souls. With Fall just beginning, we decided to get into the spirit of the season by posting our favorite eight Fall comfort foods. 1. Hot Spiced CiderWith the brisk air and Halloween just around the corner, […] Read the Full Article »

How does $10,000 for Black Friday Shopping Sound?

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Did you get a new iPhone 6? Your gonna need accessories for that

I haven’t jumped on the iPhone 6 band wagon just yet, I tend to be one who lets the first wave of a product filter out into the general population and wait patiently for them to begin tweeting or Facebooking their likes and dislikes. I watch for bug reports and then once those have been worked out, I’ll jump in and do an upgrade. However, as with any new phone – everyone is going to […] Read the Full Article »