Internet Tracking is NOT difficult! The FBI Chose Not To

nikolas cruz youtube-comment

Mississippi bail bondsman Ben Bennight said he received this comment in September 2017 on his YouTube page. The comment is seen in a YouTube video Bennight posted Wednesday, Feb. 14, 2018, after the school shooting in Parkland, Fla.

“In September 2017, the FBI received information about a comment made on a YouTube channel. The comment said, ‘I’m going to be a professional school shooter.' No other information was included in the comment which would indicate a particular time, location, or the true identity of the person who posted the comment,” said a statement released by Jackson, Miss., FBI field office spokesman Brett Car. “The FBI conducted database reviews and other checks, but was unable to further identify the person who posted the comment.”

Carr said the FBI has no further comment on the matter.

The FBI is full of crap!

Tracking most people on the Internet is not as difficult as they want us to believe. Nikolas Cruz used his OWN name! The FBI chose to ignore the obvious threats!

I know exactly what I am talking about! Here’s how…

In 2010 I took a special interest in a local child molestation case. I followed that case as close as anyone outside the justice system could. The man who was charged played the justice system for more than 2 years – continuing and delaying the case for every petty reason possible. During that time he remained a free citizen, living life as if nothing had happened. When judgment day finally arrived, he was found guilty. He was allowed to walk out of that court pending the sentencing hearing a few weeks later.

Prior to sentencing, he fled. The police were unable to locate him. I had studied human behavior enough to know that criminals love to monitor what's being said about them, and knowing the Internet like I do, I knew just how to give him exactly what he wanted while getting the information that the police needed to pinpoint his location.

I started talking and writing about him a LOT! Through web stats programs, I monitored the traffic to information specific to him. When I felt confident I had him baited, I notified our local court system who put me in contact with a U.S. Marshal named Justin. I gave Justin full access to the web stats and continued writing and baiting. Through those web stats we were able to determine the general location (within a 10 mile radius), Internet service provider (ISP) and even the devices used by this fugitive. We knew he was in Florida!

The Marshal's office was able to contact the ISP to narrow the location radius. In the meantime I worked on my end contacting every campground, hotel and common business in the area with an official WANTED flyer.

Within a week of me giving access to the U.S. Marshal they closed in and arrested the guy who was then transported back to Indiana and sentenced to 75+ years in prison.

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If there is anything I know and know well, it’s the Internet.

(Photo: The (Jackson, Miss.) Clarion Ledger)

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