Secret Service Pays Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton for Travel Expenses

trump force one secret service expenses fecI’ve noticed a few people who have gotten their panties in a wad recently over a recent Newsweek article: Secret Service Paying Donald Trump, Hillary Clinton Campaign: Report

Since I know most people rarely make it beyond the headline, a picture and hateful comments shared by their buddies on Facebook, I thought I would dig in, do a little fact checking and truth finding on the topic.

Here’s what I’ve found:

It IS standard practice for Secret Service, which is tasked with protecting presidential candidates as well as presidents and other federal officials, to reimburse presidential campaigns for the cost of traveling with the candidates. The government’s practice of reimbursing campaigns for costs mounted by their Secret Service details goes back to when campaigns were lower-budget affairs, the logic being candidates shouldn’t have to use their own resources on required security.

Federal Election Commission records show that Secret Service has paid the Trump campaign roughly $1.6 million to cover the cost of flying its agents with the candidate on a plane owned and operated by one of his companies. Secret Service has also reimbursed the Clinton campaign approximately $2.6 million for the same time period, but for about half the actual flying time or use.

If Hillary traveled nearly as much as Donald Trump does or campaigned half as hard, can you imagine what her bill would be?

Most people are upset that Trump does own his own plane, so why are taxpayers paying his company for Secret Service. Well, that’s because it is required. Never mind that use of his own plane REDUCES the cost to taxpayers to the tune of $1 million PLUS.

A typical flight with this particular 757 costs about $16,877 an hour for fuel and other variable costs.

The Trump Campaign pays his jet-management company for the aircraft under an arrangement worked out with the Federal Election Commission. The FEC requires campaigns using aircraft owned by the candidate or their associates to report it as an in-kind gift, and requires campaigns to reimburse plane owners for costs including fuel, crew services and a share of the maintenance.

Because Mr. Trump’s campaign is largely self-financed, he is in effect reimbursing himself for use of his planes and that doesn’t sit well with Hillary supporters. But you know, when I compare the numbers, I don’t see much for people to bitch about his bill is half the cost for twice the time, maybe more – after all, she has been quite sick lately.  

If you have a problem with the FEC requirements, that’s something you need to take up with your choice politicians.

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Beware of the Subtle Mind Games of Main Stream Media

A couple of days ago, CNN was running their little ad promoting the debates positioned in the lower right corner of the screen. The ad showed a photo of Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump, both with an almost ready-to-rumble look on their face. The image was more of a black and white tone, rather than color. I have searched everywhere for the image and it’s nowhere to be found, that Bleachbit stuff must be GOOD stuff! Anyway, the original image looked very similar to this one but there was more scowl on her face:

donald trump and hillary clinton debate before mark cuban comment2

But then, after the whole Mark Cuban/Donald Trump/Gennifer Flowers news broke, I noticed the image used in the ad has changed to the one shown here that I snapped a shot of from my own television screen moments ago:

donald trump and hillary clinton presidential debate sept 25 2016

Can you tell what they are trying to do?

It appears to me that they are setting Donald Trump up for screams and cries of sexism following the debate. They will play the victim card to the gills. Rather than showing an image of Hillary Clinton looking like the actual EQUAL Presidential contender she IS – they have set her up to look like June Clever and a fragile woman. Remember, in the debate she is NOT a “woman” she is NOT fragile SHE IS AN EQUAL PRESIDENTIAL CONTENDER!

Let’s not forget how she likes to play the Gender Card and just how many women she offended in doing so.

Personally, I think the new picture looks like she just ate a small child!

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