Join Me for Coffee – Phone or Skype

Beginning on February 26, I am going to devote Thursday’s to connecting and reconnecting with people.

Every single Thursday I will be engaging in 20 minute phone or Skype calls (gayla.baer) that can be about business, blogging, the weather, or just about anything you care to discuss.

I love meeting and helping people! Working from home gives me little opportunity to get out and socialize much, so I’m taking a tip from a friend who has organized something very similar.

Here’s a link to set up a time for us to chat. This is NOT about sales pitches of any kind, from you or me. That is not my style.

I am so excited about meeting all you wonderful, brilliant people!


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Never EVER Open Emails from Your Bank – Here’s Why!


scam banking email

I Just received this email that really looks like it’s from my bank. When I looked at the title, I thought maybe there had been updates and I had to authorize something for my online payment options. That didn’t last long.

As I ALWAYS do – I placed my mouse over the link to reveal what is shown in the lower left corner. Obviously that is NOT from my bank.

The next thing I noticed was the email address – again, obviously NOT from my bank.

When you get a notice that LOOKS like it’s from your bank, go to the website and log in – if you have messages from your bank – they will be there.

Banks NEVER send you emails that require you to click on links to take you to your banking website and NEVER ever attempt to log in once you have clicked. Once you do, someone, someWHERE will have your banking information.

Be smart – don’t fall for these kind of scams.

This article originally appeared on Work at Home Resources

For tips and discussion, follow us on Facebook

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