14 Ways to Spend Less and Get Out of Debt Faster

Drink coffee from home.  Stopping for coffee on the way to or from work may be a ritual, but it is a costly one.  Even leaving out the cream and sugar can save you money in a small way.

Create a weekly meal plan.  This will eliminate unnecessary grocery purchases, as well as ensure that you get everything on your list the first time.  You will avoid additional trips to the store which usually lead to unnecessary purchases.

Buy items from bulk bins that you do not need in large quantities.  When buying an ingredient that you do not use often, check the bulk bins at your local health food store.  This will also clear up cabinet or pantry space.

Eat more oatmeal and less cereal.  Oatmeal is more filling, as well as more nutrient dense, than cereal.  Buying dry rolled oats is much more cost effective than boxes of cereal.

Cut your electricity usage. Use natural lighting through windows and live outside as much as possible and raise the temperature of your home when you are away during the day.

Have a garage sale and sell everything that you do not genuinely need or want.  This will not only make money for you, but will also create space in your home and clear away clutter.

Take your lunch to work.  It is tempting to go out to lunch during the work day, as it is a nice way to get out of the office or socialize with other employees, but will cost you more than a meal brought from home.

Cancel your gym membership.  Get your exercise by running or biking outdoors or through online exercise videos.  Strength train by investing in a couple sets of dumbbells.

Get a part time job.  Look for a job opportunity that will provide some extra income.  Make sure to discuss this with your family, as the time you spend away will effect them as well.

Sell a television (or two). Many people have multiple televisions in their homes and feel that they are all needed.  However, the reality is that television is not actually a necessity at all.  If you want to have a television, have one.

Eat at home. Whether you cook a homemade meal or you cook a frozen entree, eating at home will save you money and be healthier than eating at a restaurant.

Drink water from a filter.  Bottled water is not just costly on the environment, but also on your wallet.  Have a filter installed and keep a pitcher filled and in the refrigerator.  Buy reusable water bottles for convenience to be refilled and carried when leaving home.

Send your kids to school with lunch.  A homemade lunch is generally a healthier option that what is being served at your child’s school cafeteria.  It is also cheaper when a lunch is made at home.

Plant a garden and eat seasonally.  Buying produce can be costly when done out of season.  A great way to eat seasonally is to have your own garden and eat something from the garden at every meal.

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