Accepting New Partners Child

Single mothers are generally very cautious when it comes to dating, they do not normally date just anyone. Single mothers usually want to get to know the person before introducing them to their children.

If a couple dates for a while and the relationship starts to become more serious, the children should be introduced into the picture. The new partner needs to understand that there will be sacrifices in the relationship due to the demands that go with having children. A new partner needs to be realistic do not pretend children will not have an effect on the relationship. While you are dating, children will limit the time you can spend together. There will be certain times the relationship will be placed on hold because of their illness or certain activities.

Children will play a major role in your relationship, if you want to become a part of this family you have to win their acceptance as well as their confidence. Children are not easily fooled they will know right away if you are going to be a compatible addition to their family.

There are ways of showing children that you are not a threat to them, you can start by telling them that you are not trying to take their fathers place and you will never hurt them or their mother. Make dates including the children take them to a park a zoo or movie let them know you want them to be happy with you becoming a part of their family.

Learn the children’s habits, likes and dislikes and certain behavior problems so that you will be ready for any discussion concerning these points with your new partner.

You should also be mindful and show appropriate behavior in front of the children, for example be careful about displaying physical affection for your partner when a child is around. Do not do anything in front of the children that would embarrass either of you.

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