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528938_10151169596301082_1833946620_n With the winter season upon us, my husband, our three dogs and our cat love to huddle around the warmth of our wood burning stove – but along with that warmth and our furry critters, we often suffer from winter allergies. Wood burning stoves are a great source of heat, but when you’re allergic to certain kinds of wood – it can get a bit sticky, especially in the eyes.

Since we began heating with wood, we have tried several different kinds of air filters to keep the air in our home as clean and allergen free as possible. I’ve tried the filters you can remove, clean and put back – I’ve tried 3M and other major brands, still, nothing seems to work as well as I would like them to. Plus, since I have worked from home for the last sixteen years, I tend to forget to purchase a supply of filters and end not changing them as often as I am supposed to. Admit it, we all tend to be a little lazy when it comes to doing things we’re supposed to do on a regular basis.


FilterSnap makes it easy to remember with a simple subscription service. It’s such a convenient service that saves you the hassle of trying to remember to purchase a replacement or spending extra money by running to the closest place to pick one up. Here in our rural area, we pay out the nose for things like filters when we don’t remember to get them on our weekly shopping trips. FilterSnap delivers a better quality filter for about the same costs right to your door. Choose from basic, standard, and ultimate air filters, depending on your personal needs.


Once you subscribe to, you can create a schedule to receive your filters when YOU need them. It is that easy! All you do is let FilterSnap know your filter size, select the filter quality you’d like (basic, standard or ultimate) and the replacement schedule (1, 2, 3, 6 or 12 months). When your filter arrives, that’s your reminder that it’s time to change the filter. The quality of filter’s are described on their Our Filter page. It will only cost you $16-$24 per filter every 3 months! No more guessing the last time your filter was changed. No more tracking it on a calendar. No more higher energy costs from running an overused filter. No more trips to the hardware store when you realize you forgot to change your filter and you’ll always fresh, clean air in your home.


In the busy, hurried life we tend to lead these days, having a subscription to FilterSnap make it easy to have one less thing to worry about.

FilterSnap offers a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee – You have NOTHING to lose but the worry of remembering! Something we could all use a little more of, right?

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