Altering History

flipping the bird I’d really like some input from others on this particular topic…Please feel free to offer viewpoints that may help me see why this type of thing takes place…

Last weekend while attending a football game at my old high school – I realized something very important to me was missing. What was missing was our mascots!

All through school we were The Raiders! Our mascots, both a Union and a Confederate Soldier would take the field with their heads high and with great pride, but that has been replaced with an empty spot on the field where pride once stood at attention. That emptiness was joined by my own emptiness and sense of loss for my Alma mater.

Within our school gym, a mural that had been painted nearly 30 years ago, by former students, has recently been painted over to remove any impression that the Confederate Soldier was ever a part of The Raiders existence.

My question is this…

How much should be suppressed in order to pacify a society that is cannot accept of the full truth in history?

My kids come home from school (elementary mind you) being taught Spanish – against my better judgment! And now, they are not allowed to discuss The Confederate Army, regardless of how “wrong” their position may have been, IT IS STILL HISTORY!

Personally, at this point, I will be taking the stand that if my children are not going to be taught History as it really was, and rather some fluffed up version that is supposed to be “politically correct” they can take an F for all I care and I will support their decision!

I think it’s pathetic that our lawsuit happy society with the money hungry ambulance chasing sitting on the perch waiting to pounce on the lack of political correctness (if there is such a word) lawyers has created conditions that alter the teachings of our children.

Like it or not, it IS history. Though I personally don’t agree with some of what either side stood for, I will stand firm in the pride of both my southern roots and my Yankee forefathers.

I’d really like to understand this whole tug of war, so would someone PLEASE shed some light on this subject.

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