Are Open Relationships Healthy


Via Wikipedia: An open relationship denotes a relationship (usually between two people) in which participants are free to take other partners; if the couple making this agreement are married, it is an open marriage. The “open” in “open relationship” usually refers to the sexual aspect of a non-closed relationship, whereas “polyamory” refers to the extension of a relationship by allowing bonds to form (which may be sexual or otherwise) as additional long term relationships.

I’ve heard and read many arguments that support ‘open relationships’ that have ranged from “American’s put more stress on monogamous relationships than any other country” – to “humans are the only ones who practice monogamy”.

It’s difficult for me to present any argument at all outside of my own beliefs and convictions where marriage and relationships are concerned.

Personally I believe in monogamy wholeheartedly. I enjoy the emotional bond between myself and my partner and feel it’s somewhat a sacred ground that should not be tread upon by anyone wishing to do harm or interfere.

However, for the sake of discussion, I am interested in hearing the thoughts of others on this topic.

Do you believe too much emphasis is placed on emotional attachment?

Do you believe people can love one person while having sexual relations with others with whom they don’t share a love type bond?

Do you believe men are more likely to desire open relationships but refrain out of sense of obligation?

What about women? Same argument?

This is one of those topics I’ve always found interesting to discuss simply because I find the way the human mind works and justifies different positions as such to be utterly fascinating.

What are your thoughts? Do tell.

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