Assuming You “Get” Men & Their Psychology

Via Christian Carter – Men are different from women.  You need to accept this fact, and deal with it.  When a woman sees a man, she can very quickly pick apart certain things about his style, body language, status and character that will tell her all kinds of things about him.  Lot’s of women don’t even consciously see that they do this because the process is so obvious and simple for them.

As you probably already know, men are generally more visual.   They often don’t understand non-verbal communication as well as women. Men often lack what women have in emotional awareness and “intuition”.  Women don’t seem to remember this about men.  So do men feel sexually attracted to women based just on looks? Or is something else going on?  Well, after studying this topic for years now, and talking to thousands of men and women, Christian claims that men have their “attraction mechanisms” triggered by things OTHER than looks.  Especially when it comes to longer term relationships.  Looks just happen to be the most obvious way…

Perhaps it’s the assumed ability of summing up a man’s character that get’s so many women in trouble.

In fact, my cousin and I were just discussing this very thing a couple of days ago.  There are times when our minds, as women, just never seem to stop working!  We ALWAYS have something going on inside our heads.  And so when our husbands seem to be zoned out in thought, naturally we ask them what they are thinking.

It’s very difficult for us to accept “nothing” as an answer, but in reality, they really are thinking about NOTHING!

I still say that if any woman or group of women out there can crack this particular secret in men, they will be set for generations to come.

As for me, I’ll just resolve to the fact that I just don’t “get” men and likely never will.

I’d rather be shopping!

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