ATTENTION TRUMP SUPPORTERS – IT’S NOT OVER! Keep Your EYE on 1237 Worry About Hillary Later


ATTENTION TRUMP SUPPORTERS: Just because Ted Cruz HAS suspended his campaign, and just because John Kasich is supposed to be suspending his campaign – I don’t trust them. I don’t trust the RNC. NOT until Mr. Trump reaches that 1237 delegates he needs to clinch the nomination.

This milestone does NOT mean Mr. Trump IS the nominee YET! There is still a chance for the nomination to be ripped out from under him.

Mr. Trump NEEDS people to keep voting for him.

Upcoming Primaries:

May 10: Nebraska and West Virginia

May 17: Oregon

May 24: Washington

June 7: California, Montana, New Jersey, New Mexico and South Dakota

If you are in one of the upcoming primary states, you NEED to VOTE! Don’t assume your vote no longer matters, because it DOES! NOT until he is declared the nominee AT the convention, will I believe there is no risk of more political shenanigans. You shouldn’t trust them either!

They have both said they are “suspending” their campaigns which is very different from “dropping out.”

When they suspend, that is temporary. They keep their delegates and could potentially pop back up during the convention.

If they were getting out of the race entirely, they would drop out and forfeit their delegates.

I just don’t trust them or the RNC right now.

There are those who have voted early who may have cast their votes for any of those who have “suspended” their campaigns. Something sets fishy with me right now. I’d rather keep my eye on that 1237 than on Hillary too much at this point.

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