Can We All Stop Victimizing Janay Rice Already?

I’ve been following the whole Ray Rice story from the time the first video appeared. I will admit, the first video left me with the impression that Ray and Janay had gone out, got drunk and one could not stand any better than the other. I shrugged it off.

But, just like any story that we are fed information in small doses, my opinion has changed with each trickling element.

The NFL and John Harbaugh

Let’s be real here. We all know we live in a world where everyone can see an opportunity to make a buck. Do you, for a single minute, believe that TMZ obtained that video without reward? Someone at that hotel saw a golden egg opportunity and sold the video to the highest bidder. I’d like to consider myself a somewhat savvy business person and if I had a golden egg in my hand, would I go to the organization that it could damage most and let them know it even existed?

Hell NO!

I would contact the tabloids that are most notorious for breaking news that detonates a firestorm of gossip. I would contact TMZ!

Follow the money to know whether or not the NFL could have known about the video. Who works at that hotel that had a big fat deposit in their account recently? Who quit their job recently? Who might be making extravagant purchases? Ask them WHY the NFL didn’t know about the video!

So for anyone to say the NFL should have known about the video, I have to think they didn’t have a clue. If they had known or suspected a video existed, it would have been in their best interest to pursue it and form some sort of damage control or at least allow them time to put a strategy together to save the organization while putting the largest amount of focus on Ray Rice.

The Firing of Ray Rice

As for the firing of Ray Rice. I believe Ray Rice should suffer the same consequence as anyone who physically assaults another human being. It is a crime and should not be tolerated. However, in the process of stripping Ray Rice of his livelihood, Janay Rice is also being stripped of hers. Rayven Rice, their daughter, is being stripped of life as she knows it.

The way I see it, Janay is being victimized again and again and again.

What is right about that?

Does anyone think the fallout is going to make matters better for Janay or Rayven?

I sure don’t.

Make an Example of Ray Rice

Ray Rice has the ability to take this horrible situation and turn it into something positive – if he has an ounce of goodness in his heart to do so.

Physical Abuse is wrong, no matter who the person is. It is NEVER okay to hit anyone, wife, girlfriend, husband, boyfriend, etc. It is NEVER okay! Domestic situations don’t own the market on physical abuse. Abuse is abuse and it’s wrong!

If ever there was a young man who was in a prime position to make a monumental impact on society, it is Ray Rice.

Now the question is, will he do it?

Stop Trying to Assassinate the NFL

I think it’s time people stop trying to assassinate the NFL, Goodell or Harbaugh. This is not about them anymore than any other employer is responsible for the physical abuse that goes on in the lives of their employees. By placing so much focus on the NFL, it is taking away from the importance of the issue at hand.

janay rice instagram statement Janay is Going to do What Janay Wants to Do

Obviously Janay Rice has found something in Ray that she loves. She knows him on a much more personal level than any of us ever could. If she and Ray are committed to working on their marriage, getting help for the abusive matters that occur between them, let them be.

Janay has been made a victim by the incident. She has been victimized by her husband – was it once? Maybe! Are they a couple who can’t drink at the same time? Probably. There are lots of those couples out there.

Janay has made it well know, publically, that she wants her marriage and family left alone so they can address the issues and deal with it as best they can. I think it’s time everyone at least allow her that. Ray knows the world will be watching him – waiting for him to seek help – waiting for him to become a better man. If Janay wants out, now is the safest time for her to get out. If she wants to stay, now is the safest time for her to stay and for them to work out their problems.

My heart aches for Janay and Rayven. Their entire world has been turned upside down. They will be in my thoughts, as I hope she finds it in her heart to do what is best for her and her child. Whether that is staying with Ray or leaving – it’s her decision to make.

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