13 Signs You’re In An Abusive Relationship

1 Most, if not all, of your family and friends do not like or trust your partner. This can be a tricky one to recognize for several reasons. Parents, especially, may not state their lack of trust directly because they know that in our state of love & infatuation we romanticize the “you and me against the world” mentality — they also know that this is something which the toxic partner will exploit, driving you […] Read the Full Article »

Love – Romance and Dating Scams

Love scammers prey on people looking for companionship and affection. These scammers generally use fake profiles on legitimate dating sites, social networking sites, or chat rooms to find and approach victims. While love scammers can be found in any part of the world, a significant percentage of online love scammers come from two different areas – the former Soviet Union and Africa. Most Russian scammers target male victims, while African scammers target both men and […] Read the Full Article »

Creative Gift Ideas for Her

While her birthday may be over (and she was less than thrilled with the cliché flowers and candy combo), there’s always next year! So, in an effort to wow the crap out of her on her next birthday, you may want to start consulting this guide NOW. Because honestly guys, we’re all just a little sick of the overpriced- and certainly overdone- dozen roses and/or box of chocolates accompanied by a ‘romantic’ dinner. While you […] Read the Full Article »