The Shocking Look at Spring Break – Sean Hannity

A friend of mine shared this video clip on Facebook. Maybe I’m an old prude. Maybe I learned my lessons in the few times I managed to get sloshed. Maybe I am just a bit more OCD than I thought. I can’t be sure – but as I watched this video, all I could imagine was the horrible smells and a Club Med Convention for STD Exchange. If marketers were smart – they would sell […] Read the Full Article »

Stranger Danger – What Your Kids Need To Know

This post is in support of the efforts of More on MugWatch at the end of this post “Stranger danger” is an important topic of discussion. Beginning when your children are very young, you need to begin talking to them about strangers. Here are some things they should know and how you can approach the topic in a constructive manner. Who are Strangers? In order to teach your kids about stranger danger, it’s most […] Read the Full Article »

It’s not a sex issue–it’s a respect issue

An Indianapolis teen is recovering after he says his girlfriend’s family members beat him up for having sex with her. The Pike High school student, 18, drove to his girlfriend’s home Sunday morning. He said the girl let him into the home and the two went back to her bedroom. Shortly after that, the girl’s brother caught the two in flagrante delicto. The teen says the brother called for the girl’s step father and the […] Read the Full Article »

A Tale of Unhealthy Eating Habits and The Multi-Tasked Mom

Ahhh I remember it well! It was early March, 1993, the last time my eating habits could be called anything close to normal and healthy. The day I gave birth to twins, my mind, memory and self awareness fell by the wayside. I know they existed, once upon a time because I had the body to show for it. There are many times it will get to be 11 PM or so when I realize […] Read the Full Article »

How New Parents Can Save Money

New parents usually have no prior experience in budgeting for a family, and may have no idea what their budget should be when their new arrival comes. The truth is that babies do not need very much. Babies need to be fed, clothed, diapered, bathed and they need a place to sleep. There are many ways to make due with very little. For instance, a changing pad placed on a dresser will work fine in […] Read the Full Article »