4 Ways to Motivate Your Friends and Family to Change Their Bad Behaviors

Sometimes our loved ones make poor decisions, and in order to protect them, we hope to help them change their lifestyle. For example, if you have loved ones that suffer from drinking problems or are chain smokers, and you want to help them quit the bad habit, you try to find ways to help them to quit. Sometimes, people hold interventions to help people overcome their habits. In some cases, these interventions work, and in […] Read the Full Article »

Michigan Man Hosts Epic Party

That’s obviously left behind an EPIC party cleanup. I don’t care how old my kids get or where they live, I’d probably have a full-blown conniption if they pulled a stunt like this. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve been to and hosted a few parties in my days, but this is just gross! So what kind of person are YOU? Would you attend or avoid a party like this? Improve your blog, make more money […] Read the Full Article »

Scary Stories Won’t Stop Kids From Lying or Will They?

Reading cautionary tales like The Boy Who Cried Wolf and Pinocchio to little kids might not be the best way to teach them to tell the truth. New research suggests stories that praise, rather than punish, characters for being honest are more effective. “As parents of young children, we wanted to know how effective the stories actually are in promoting honesty,” says Victoria Talwar of McGill University’s educational psychology department. “Is it ‘in one ear, […] Read the Full Article »

Throwback Thursday – Gayla, Trey and Coty Baer – circa 1993

This is one of the last visits we had with my grandpa, Frank Binion, before he passed away the following January. I look back on pictures like this and remember older mothers telling me to enjoy it – that it goes by so fast. At the time, life seemed to drag, but little did I know, they were right. My babies are 21 now – living on their own. They have great jobs and pay […] Read the Full Article »

The Shocking Look at Spring Break – Sean Hannity

A friend of mine shared this video clip on Facebook. Maybe I’m an old prude. Maybe I learned my lessons in the few times I managed to get sloshed. Maybe I am just a bit more OCD than I thought. I can’t be sure – but as I watched this video, all I could imagine was the horrible smells and a Club Med Convention for STD Exchange. If marketers were smart – they would sell […] Read the Full Article »