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Not Before Coffee is my personal blog. This is where I write about personal things. Sometimes too personal.

If you email me about product reviews, I will read it, but I may not respond. If it’s obvious you bought one of “those lists” that happened to include my email – I will probably just delete it. Please don’t take it personal.

We only accept advertising and sponsorship opportunities from companies with products and services we would use ourselves. (as financially painful as it can be, we do turn away advertisers and sponsors.)

If a product or service review is a sponsored one, we will disclose that fact. If we receive a product for free, we will let that be known.

There is a difference between a PRODUCT REVIEW and a SPONSORED POST.

Product Review is where I have the product in my hands, I use it – take pictures of it and I write about it. Products must be valued at more than $25 for me to even consider investing my time in a thorough review.

Sponsored Posts are for products valued under $25 or for products or services I do not have in my possession. I will consider sponsored posts that are of value to my readers.

Advertising – The options to advertise are fully customizable. I do not have a cookie-cutter outline of what is available because I will work with advertisers to come up with a unique package that works best for them. Packages may include sidebar or banner advertising space, text links, blog posts, and/or social media shares/posts/likes, etc. If you’re interested in exploring advertising options, drop me an email and let’s see how we can work together.

Media and stats kit available upon request

Personal & “Hire Me” Contact

If you’re a reader who wants to say hi, I’m at If you want to talk about speaking engagements, consulting, a paid writing job, or a fun opportunity for my family especially in the Indiana or Midwest area, I’m at

Advertising Contact

If you’re pitching products, services or wish to explore advertising opportunities, I’d love to hear about it–but email me at the email account I have for that purpose. Your email will stand a better chance of getting read and responded to at

More information about hiring me at Gadabout Media