Costa Concordia Captain- The Luckiest or Dumbest Man on Earth? You Decide!

In a Livorno port authority recording, Francesco Schettino, 52, stated he was trying to coordinate the evacuation from the safety of a lifeboat. Apparently he’d tripped and fallen into the vessel and was unaware that some of his passengers had lost their lives.

I mean absolutely no disrespect to the passengers who’ve been traumatized and certainly not to those who lost their lives and their families. But…

When I heard this cockamamie excuse, my immediate thought was…

A captain of a wrecked cruise ship saying he abandoned ship by accident having slipped and fallen safely into a lifeboat is almost as believable as a husband saying he cheated by accident when he slipped and fell on a naked woman.

I would think his odds would have been greater for hitting 2 or 3 national lotteries simultaneously than it would be for him to fall safely into a lifeboat. Where are the witnesses who can verify his claims? What’s next? The lifeboat was the only one empty at the time of his fall?

I dun think so Lucy!

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