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While her birthday may be over (and she was less than thrilled with the cliché flowers and candy combo), there’s always next year! So, in an effort to wow the crap out of her on her next birthday, you may want to start consulting this guide NOW. Because honestly guys, we’re all just a little sick of the overpriced- and certainly overdone- dozen roses and/or box of chocolates accompanied by a ‘romantic’ dinner. While you may be okay with habitual actions (that same porno you’ve been watching for years), girls aren’t. Sometimes we require a little more substance, a little more creativity, and a little more authenticity.

Don’t misunderstand us: the flowers, chocolate, and dinner combo is a nice gesture, certainly vintage and traditional, but it’s not unique. So you took ten minutes out of your day to scoop up a dozen roses…my 90-year-old grandma is capable of doing that. Spice it up! We know you have a brain (you managed to score a hottie after all), so get a move on it boys. Read on to discover some unique and thoughtful gifts for your lady: heart-shaped box of chocolates not included.

1.    Sushi Kit: Instead of spending oodles of moolah to go out for sushi on her birthday, get her a kit and make your own! It’s way more fun and definitely memorable, plus you’ll have the kit for whenever the sushi-making mood should strike. Kits are available at places like, Barnes & Noble, Bed Bath & Beyond, and food marts like Wegmans and Whole Foods. Throw in a bottle of wine and you’ve got yourself a fun and original (maybe even romantic) dinner, you charmer you.

2.    Fun iPhone Case: If she has an iPhone, of course. It’s a cool way for her to show off her personal style. Plus, it’s a cheaper gift option for you; the average case costs around $20-$30. There are literally thousands of cases available on sites like and Hell, just type ‘iPhone case’ into Google and your search will provide you with countless selections. Choose from pink polka dots, tribal patterns, rhinestones, floral patterns, a picture of her favorite musical group, animal prints, cases that look like the front of a camera- the options are endless.

3.    iTunes Card: Who doesn’t love music? iTunes cards are available in virtually any amount possible, so she can shop around and pick out multiple albums to download depending on how much you’ve put on the card. If this option seems a little impersonal to you, order a CD she’s been eyeing up.

4.    Shoes. Or a gift card for shoes if you’re not entirely certain on what she likes. Enough said.

5.    Diamonds: Don’t eliminate this option just yet. We’re not saying to get a rock with a diamond worth of $1 million or anything ridiculous. There are hundreds of jewelry stores that offer smaller diamonds to fit your budget. You can get a pair of diamond accent studs for under $100 at places like Zales, Kay Jewelers, and Jared. The same goes for a smaller carat diamond ring.

6.    Customize It: One of the best ways to show you care about her is to customize an item to perfectly reflect her tastes. This can include pillows, art, jewelry, clothing, picture frames, posters, flasks (for the party girl); the list goes on and on. To get an idea of what to make for her, start browsing sites like The site offers only homemade goods so you can peruse through and get your creative juices flowing. Then, depending on what you thought of, find a place that offers what customized option you’re looking for.

Kristy Kravitsky is a writer living in Pennsylvania, and she’s just lookin’ out for you, fellas.

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