Dating Tips & Seduction – Going From Creepy to Great Catch

It’s a fact of life guys! Some guys will never become great with women.


You might think I’ve lost my mind, but it’s true.

A lot of guys just won’t and don’t get it.

And it’s not because they’re not smart enough or somehow defective… though there are plenty of women who would argue that point with me.

In fact, get this, it’s a subconscious choice! That’s right, a choice they have made unknowingly.

I know what you’re thinking.

"How can I make sure I’m not one of those guys?"

Well I’m here to tell you how. You will probably never hear what I’m about to say from other relationship professionals because it’s such a subtle, but very powerful fix, that most leave it out of the equation.

Meet Dave.  Dave is a good guy. Dave likes to be social and has taken a bootcamp with one of the pickup companies. But Dave still doesn’t get the success he really wants; in fact he’s not successful at all.

There are a couple reasons why Dave remains unsuccessful. Primarily the fact that he’s too set in his ways and is stubborn.

I’ve already said Dave is a good guy, but every time I talk to him I get the feeling like he wants something from me. In fact a lot of our mutual friends have said the same thing to me about him.

We don’t like hanging out with Dave and neither do other single women.

Dave always gives off this vibe of having an ulterior motive. He talks to you like a friend, which is great, but he naturally gives off a vibe that says to me that he’s trying to take knowledge, power and fun from me.

The same thing happens to Dave when he’s talking to women. He treats them in a friendly manner and is funny but always gives off this vibe that on another level he has an underlying intention.

Having intentions with women isn’t a bad thing. If you express your intentions openly they’ll likely be acceptable of it, especially if you have tight game. It may even turn them on. IN FACT it will skyrocket your conversion rate if you do it the right way.

But if you hide your intentions you come off as creepy and weird. Women won’t trust you or feel safe being around you alone. You could be the best actor in the world but… trust me, THEY WILL KNOW.

Being creepy is the "Death" card in the Tarot deck of your love life. It will kill any chance of success you might have.

So now you know what might be going wrong. How do you fix it?

To begin with, you need to focus on being fun and unattached to the outcome whenever you can. It’s not about giving back money. It could be anything from telling a great story to a group or being a great host to a bunch of your friends.  It could also be a compliment (in the right way of course) or a tease that will spike emotions in way that is fun to a woman.

Be out there talking to women not only because you want to pickup, but because women are amazing and fun and interesting and wonderful.

Next you need to start doing is being clear about your intentions. This doesn’t mean directly telling a girl "The whole purpose of me talking to you is so that I can get into your pants."  That’s going to kill your pickup about as fast as being creepy.

There are small subtle changes you can make in your behavior that will affect how your intentions are perceived and if you’re congruent with what you’re saying.  There are so many small fixes that I could write a novel on them.

Do you want to read a novel about fixing your creepy vibe and then taking the months to implement it that it will require?

I didn’t think so.

I wouldn’t want to spend the months writing that novel either.

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