Did you get a new iPhone 6? You’re gonna need accessories for that

I haven’t jumped on the iPhone 6 band wagon just yet, I tend to be one who lets the first wave of a product filter out into the general population and wait patiently for them to begin tweeting or Facebooking their likes and dislikes. I watch for bug reports and then once those have been worked out, I’ll jump in and do an upgrade. However, as with any new phone – everyone is going to want accessories. And, as we all know, with every new version of the iPhone that comes out, it’s impossible to use old accessories with the new product.

I think that’s a huge waste, but, it’s obviously working well for Apple.


If you are one of the lucky ones to nab up the new iPhone and you’re in the market for new accessories that don’t hit so hard in the wallet – my personal favorite GoTo site for any of my geeky gadgets is LightInTheBox. Be warned though – you can get lost on that site for DAYS!

Right now, they are running sale – the kind I like to get in on. LightInTheBox already boasts great prices on almost everything in their shop, but when they toss in an extra 30% off, it’s well worth checking out.

lightinthebox iphone 6 accessories sale

It’s a great place to get an early jump on that Christmas shopping list too.

Trust me, you’re going to love it there!

Go ahead – take a look around LightInTheBox

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