Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell – Who Really Cares? And Is It Really My Business?

A couple of weeks ago, an Indiana bakery came under fire because they refused to fill an order for “rainbow cookies” for some sort of gay pride/coming out event.

First of all, WHY is it REALLY necessary to go around creating events that spotlight what people choose to do in the bedroom? A person’s sexual preference is NONE of my business no more then my intimate choices are anyone else’s.

Straight people don’t go around organizing “Straight Pride Week” or “I Won’t Be Coming Out Week.”

I GET that gays want equal rights when it comes to providing benefits for those they love. Personally, I think people should be able to designate ANYONE they want to be listed in place of “spouse” when it comes to insurance, benefits, pensions, etc. After all, we work hard for what we have – and everyone, single people included should be able to delegate whomEVER they want to those positions.

My dad has been single for 26 years. He put in over 30 years with General Motors and when it comes to his pension – no one will draw when he’s gone because he doesn’t have a spouse. What’s right about that?

My father should be able to delegate a child or grandchild if he wants to and those who are gay should be able to do the same.

What’s the big deal?

First and foremost my Bible tells me NOT to judge. It also tells me to love ALL my brothers and sisters in Christ. I intend to do just that and leave the rest to the Big Guy! That’s HIS job!

As a Christian I need only live my life according to what I feel is right and do my very best to lead a Christian-like life. I’ve always believed I could preach a better sermon with my life then with my lips anyway.

I have people I care about a great deal who are gay – some have told me, some are private, but it’s obvious to everyone around them. Doesn’t make me love them any less.

I remember sitting up to the wee hours of one morning talking to one very dear friend, asking him questions to which he responded with brutal honesty. For that I will always respect and adore him.

Since that conversation – I realize that CONTRARY to the belief of so many – there are actually some people who ARE BORN that way.

When a child the age of THREE realizes they are “different” and are drawn to activities and items are are associated with the opposite sex, LONG before they have any idea of what sexual attraction and sexual intercourse actually is – how can you say being gay is a choice?

Three year olds don’t make life choices based on anything but instinct and environmental.

Now, in support of those who believe being gay is a choice – I DO believe there are some people who make the choice based on life experiences. I mean seriously, what woman hasn’t had her fair share of piggish men that make changing teams seem even the slightest bit appealing – if only for emotional needs? – *extreme sarcasm*

As a society – I think we have much bigger issues to worry about. I DO take offense to gay rallies where the flamboyant few give the whole group a bad name. Is it really necessary to use extreme PDA to get a point across?

Maybe if some groups didn’t go overboard in trying to cram it down our throats of force feed us equality – the world would be a little more respectful of PRIVATE choices.

It isn’t just about gay pride groups – I take offense to any group that goes over the top with their cause – whether it’s White Power, Black Expos, Muslim Mosques near Ground Zero, KKK, Black Panthers, etc.

In my opinion, groups that are organized with intent to demand equality are actually feeding the flames of segregation and discrimination. What good is that?


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