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I cannot believe the things I am seeing in my news feed. My news feed is full of people calling those who voted for Donald Trump racist, xenophobic, sexist, misogynistic, homophobic, crazy, ignorant, uneducated, abusive, and sociopaths. Well, that is not very tolerant of you, loving, or kind.

If you are part of the establishment then you have some soul searching to do. Look in the mirror and ask yourself if you are doing your job. If you haven’t been doing the job you were elected to do and you are not doing right by the people, then it’s time for you to go.

We don’t have time for name-calling, pettiness, and if you think for a single second that anything CNN or MSNBC said last night in their panels is truth then you need to go back and learn how to research and think for yourself. There is so much propaganda going on within this corrupt news media that it’s disheartening to think that my friends listen to that garbage.

Someone yesterday posted a photograph from a parody account as fact! All it takes is a simple Google search to find out the character was fictitious and used to incite hostility, anger, and racial tension.

I am tired of race-baiters. There are people in my news feed that fixate on everything the establishment has done to keep us divided. Stop it!

You need to take a minute to reflect on what has happened in this country. There are many people from all walks of life who voted yesterday and they are not racist, xenophobic, sexist, misogynistic, homophobic, crazy, ignorant, uneducated, abusive, or sociopaths.

Yesterday the American people sent a message to the establishment in Washington D.C. that they had better get their heads out of their asses and start doing right by the American people! All the American people, not just the ones you align yourself with today. If you can’t stop the drama, act right, and do your job then it IS time for you to go!

We’re not falling for plantation politics, marketing tricks, and side-deals. We are sick and tired of being sick and tired. We need to leave this country in better shape for our children and grandchildren.

People didn’t just vote for Donald Trump yesterday…they voted for his running mate Mike Pence, his cabinet members, and the Supreme Court Seats. The country did not want to send the Clinton Family back to the White House, and who can blame them?

Just like everyone else I am entitled to my opinion. The name-calling, false accusations, and race-baiting must stop.

Just so we’re clear – I am a Christian and I am Conservative. I believe in loving God with all my mind, heart, and soul. I believe in loving my neighbor as myself. If you don’t love yourself there is no way you can love your neighbor. I believe God speaks to us through his Holy Word, through Worship, and through Prayer.

If you don’t like me, my politics, or my belief system and you are connected to me because you feel it’s necessary to show me how “tolerant” you are, do yourself a favor and let me go!

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