Enough is Enough – Haters Stop Hating Already – The Memories Pizza Fundraiser Has Reached the Point of Being Gross

The firestorm that surrounded the Memories Pizzaria in Walkerton, Indiana has run it’s course already. The more haters hate, the more people are going to donate. STOP IT already!

What people are doing to that business is WRONG – I was glad they were forthright with their belief. It gave people the CHOICE to conduct business with them or not.

Fine, donate to help offset the loss they would experience from closing for a week or two – but let it go already.

This country is SERIOUSLY misplacing their support. Just look at the fundraisers that are being conducted on GoFundMe and similar crowd funding sites right now.

There are BABIES with cancer, children who are dying and want to fulfill one last wish – animals in serious need of medical attention – people who have fallen on serious hard times because of health issues YET – the fundraisers they have pail in comparison to the money raised for Memories Pizzaria.

Look at Eli – http://www.gofundme.com/o4eeqo

or Theia – http://www.gofundme.com/nfg6uc

or this family – http://www.gofundme.com/qgg95w4

What about Jakob – http://www.gofundme.com/qaxk6w

Or, Oh my God – what about Haiven? http://www.gofundme.com/pexj80

I certainly hope the O’Connors are true, godly people and consider sharing their windfall with people who might need it more. Keep what you NEED, but don’t take the generosity of people in the name of such a vile battle. For me personally, I would have a great deal of respect if they were to handle this situation much differently than they did the infamous interview.

It breaks my heart that this whole thing has gone this far. Glenn Beck should consider sponsoring other fundraisers than those that are so politically focused. I cannot imagine God is very pleased with the idiotic actions of everyone in the fallout of this whole last week.

Shame on all of you who are hell-bent on driving up that fundraiser when so many others in the world need someone to stand up for them too.

I’ve been accused of being jealous – hardly! If I were to come into a considerable amount of money, I would do something good with it. In fact, in January – I was fortunate enough to have my own windfall. Very few people knew about it – I chose not to be public with the news even though it’s easily found on the Hoosier Lotto website.  What I did with the money was to make my dad REALLY happy! So before anyone accuses me of being jealous – the facts are good to know. When I am so blessed, as I was in January – I could not be selfish and go on a spending spree – it meant more to me to give back to the man who helped me raise my boys and who did a fine job of raising me. He had been very down recently and what we chose to do made him VERY happy. That smile was priceless.


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  1. Dee Wools says:

    "Glenn Beck should consider sponsoring other fundraisers than those that are so politically focused.". . Glenn Beck had nothing to do with it. Someone on the "Dana Show" on The Blaze started the gofund. And, it was not for political reasons. Glenn has always been in support of Christians having the freedoms to exercise their faith. It was faith-based motivated. This was all about a small company not being able to exercise their Christian faith. I don't care the size of the fund. It is more important that we stop government intrusion and tyranny and things like this show the resistance. I'm sure they will have plenty of people holding their palms out for donations.

    • Gayla says:

      Beck launched TheBlaze in 2011. Just like anything that happens in the Obama administration is Obama’s responsibility – anything that happens on TheBlaze is the responsibility of Beck.

      I don’t see him as being much different than an Al Sharpton or Jesse Jackson – when there is controversy they can jump in on and increase their own ratings, he will.

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