Establishing an Opinion on Right to Work

Earlier today I posed the question to my friends on Facebook and Twitter – asking for views on Right to Work in hopes of helping me establish my own opinion based on a mix of feedback. What I have established thus far is:

I’m a big believer in everything and everyone – NO MATTER Who ya are – having checks, balances and accountability!

I do believe unions, for their TRUE and intended purposes have (or did have) value. However, the world we live in, where so many are looking for an excuse – looking to place blame someplace besides the mirror – and looking for a $25 an hour job for $2 quality work make it damn near impossible for those who DESERVE unions to benefit from them.

If we had politicians, corporations, lawyers and judges with moral fiber greater than that of a mushroom we wouldn’t have to worry about who’s getting bought – who is playing "blow job for votes" and be able to actually trust that decisions were being made in the best interest of people, for the right reasons and not because someone’s ego needs polished.

I have heard stories from my dad of unions keeping jobs for drunkards, wife beaters, whore chasers, cheaters, etc. In fact, someone I knew very well was a chairman of a UAW – he drank himself to death. Unions keeping jobs for those kinds of people when there are 10 hard working men and women eager to take their place is WRONG!

That I do NOT agree with.

I’m still on the fence with this one – perhaps if unions would adjust with the times and fight for those WORTH fighting for, I might be a little more supportive. But then again, I’m one who thinks they should put a CAP on the number of pregnancies that can be covered by welfare so being a baby machine wouldn’t be such an appealing career option. 😉

I’m such a "Three Strikes You’re F*cked" kinda girl!

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