Facebook: A BIG Dating Don’t??

Have you ever watched a relationship crumble right before your eyes, on Facebook?

First there’s a comment, then a snippy response – before you know it, it’s all out war and up go the status changes from In a Relationship to Single!

Regardless of how tacky it may seem, when emotion takes over, all tact and control is thrust out the window.

I’ve heard of a marriage that split up on Facebook – a 40-something-year-old man left his wife – Changed his status to “in a relationship” and began posting photos of his new girlfriend. About a month later, he updated his status yet again to “married” because he’d broken up with his girlfriend and was back with his wife.

How awkward is that? Can you even imagine how that must make the kids feel?

What do you think about people posting such personal information on Facebook?

Do you pay much attention to relationship status changes? And what about those times when your friends status goes from “married” to “it’s complicated?”

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