Fall Garden Tips – Seven Ways to Prepare Your Garden for the Season

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Just because the growing season is behind us does not mean that it is time to focus your attention elsewhere. In fact, fall is a season that can make or break your spring and summer gardens. Like bugs and animals prepare for the season change, you too need to prepare your garden. Check out our seven tips on great ways to make sure your garden has the best chance to survive the harsh winter months.

#1. Water
During spring and summer we water our plants to ensure they have enough to drink, especially with chart topping temperatures. Just because your plants may be slowing in their growth, they still need plenty of water – especially your trees. While you plants may not look like they are actively growing, their root systems are still very much alive and need plenty of water to feed on for the coming winter months.

#2 Remove Debris

Fallen leaves may look beautiful in the amber hues, but when left around your plants they can become very problematic. Debris left around your plants can play host to a number of diseases that can be very harmful to your plants.

#3 Care for Soil
The best way to grow plant is to have well cared, nutrient-loaded soil. Fall is a great time to make sure you soil is full of everything your plants need. Tilling your soil helps break up the dirt and mix up the composition. You can also mix in organic compost to add more nutrients to the soil which your plants will thrive in.

#4 Plant for Future Color

Fall is a great time to plan your spring look by shopping for spring flower bulbs. There are so many options that you can take advantage of to add a new look to your garden and fall is the perfect time to plant the bulbs in your flower garden. Plan out the design you want with spring bulbs and plant as directed.

#5 Plant Fall Color

Fall is also the perfect time to plant the evergreen trees or shrubs that you want to add to your landscape. This allows these plants the fall to develop a strong root system before the winter temperatures hit. And do not forget to add beautiful color to your baron garden, there are plenty of gorgeous fall annuals that can brighten your landscape.

#6 Winterize Your Lawn
The perfect complement to a beautiful garden is a gorgeous lawn. To achieve this, you will want to winterize your lawn for the season. Lower your lawn mower so the grass is shorter – this allows your soil to dry quicker in the spring time. Besides cutting your grass shorter it is also important to give your grass the nutrients it needs to maintain optimum health over the winter months. Look for a winter version of your favorite fertilizer. Also make sure you lay down your pre-emergent to help keep pesky weeds away from your lawn.

#7 Cut Back Perennials
If you already have perennials as part of your garden, fall is the time you need to cut them back for the winter. This gives them the fresh start they need to grow back full and beautiful in the coming spring.


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