First the Stuffed Zipper Bulge – Now the Preparation H Pecks

Ladies, before you go falling in love with those rock hard pecks on the hunk at the bar, you might want to consider he might just be slathering on a little secret to make those pecks appear to be more desirable then they really are!

It’s true!  Men are slapping on a layer or two of hemorrhoid treatment to make those pecks look leaner and younger then they really are!  Can you even believe it?

First it was men stuffing socks in their pants to make it seem as though they were packing more then they really are – honestly, I never did understand that.  I mean, seriously, am I the ONLY woman on the planet that didn’t check to see if a mans zipper was puckered?

I always believed the sock stuffers were out to make other men feel, well, less manly by showing off a major bulge.

Do women really care about tight pecks or major zipper bulge or am I really that weird?

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