Five Fashion Tips for Seniors

I began my writing trying to find fashion tips for seniors, since “I am one!” Oddly enough, basic fashion tips really do not change with the age of the model; they can change with the shape. Well, even that is true for all ages…with the various adventures we encounter on the road of life, so with that in mind let’s take a look at fashion concepts for everyone, including seniors.

Accentuate the Positive

Since we are probing into the retro world, and maybe a bit before, an appropriate song reared its little head: “Accentuate the positive; eliminate the negative.” When choosing something to reflect our style and confidence, it is definitely important we decide what is worth accentuating. However, no matter your particular shape, concentrate on lightweight tailored basics, even in winter. Layering helps with staying warm; then you look good with every layer you remove later! Of course if you find yourself supremely attached to a specific pair of oversized sweats, keep them for days or nights you’d just rather be alone. What is your “positive?”

Accessorize Simply

To bring your style up to date, focus on trendy fashion accents in hats, scarves, jackets, sweaters, fun shoes, or jewelry paired with an amazing minimally fitted mid-calf length charcoal gray skirt or garment of choice.  I personally love the delicately fitted jackets…after all I do still have a feminine shape! Which reminds me, before ditching any tank tops because they reveal too much you, remember they can be underpinnings for those jackets or possibly a long-sleeved blouse; you could also check your bureau for T-shirts that would work the same way. One tip from the budget-minded set: fad accessories look best from a thrift store or an 80% plus 20% off coupon rack. But, please whatever you do, fewer really is better; it’s ok to leave some jewelry in the jewelry box.

Attention to Color

While special accessories do create a custom outfit, even without being a design artist, you know color also plays a major role in your personal vogue. Take for example the fact that dark colors encourage things to recede, while lighter ones tend to make objects stand out. If you want a timeless, classic, uncluttered look try a monochromatic outfit, e.g. the same color on top and bottom often creates a lengthening effect that makes you appear slimmer and taller, if those are attributes to which you aspire. A thin magenta T over a darker tank could be a choice with black pants and a loose black linen shirt. See what sparks your color revolution!

Amazing Fabrics and Textures

Along with color, try experimenting with fabrics and textures. Those woven or fuzzy fabrics bring interest to a look and give your best parts a time to shine. I have a timeless jacket that is just right for fall and even early winter; the cut is perfect for all my crazy sizes and it was a perfect price…a gift! Besides fall being one of my absolute favorite seasons, I truly love wearing this colorful, bumpy textured garment! For a little hippie chick, check out a faux leather vest, perfect for almost any look. And remember denim, just not an entire outfit of jeans material, please. Corduroy will always find a place in fashion circles as well. There are various wales, but these two are basic: pin and wide. Silk shantung and linen are two of my other fabric preferences. Have fun with textures, especially when you are having trouble finding something to make your outfit pop.

Auntie Chic, Mimi Chic

Another interesting fashion tidbit came into my life a few weeks ago. While wearing a crocheted top, I entered a restaurant and the teens – twenties age reception staff commented on my top and asked where I bought it! They really thought it was beautiful! I was thrilled! That little anecdote was to let you know that, as my daughter calls it, Mimi Chic is definitely in! (That’s Mimi for Vintage Chic.) So, before you turn some of those brooches, fabric/tapestry purses, lace camisoles, colorful scarves, or crocheted sweaters/tops into consignment shop finds for some lucky high school or college fashionista, pair any of them with either black trousers, or a black mid-calf skirt. Oh, and do you have any of those lace-up boots?!


Look what our grandchildren and nieces have to anticipate! When you accentuate the positive by creating a look you love, you send the message that you care about your look as well as your fashion sense. Today’s seniors have the advantage of exposure to so many style moments…from the late ‘40’s through the present. What an amazing menu of fashion from which to choose! Have fun!

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