Furniture Repurposing – Ugly Old Dresser to Beautiful Entertainment Center

When I got remarried, I had a hard time parting ways with some old furniture I had accumulated over the years. Even though the stuff was super ugly and I had kept it in storage – you just never know when you’re going to need the extra space.

Enter Pinterest!

I took to Pinterest shortly after it began, but I had not utilized my account for quite a while. I began seeing crafty posts popping up on my Facebook feed, so I decided to check Pinterest out again to see what changes had taken place since I first joined up.

I quickly became addicted to the repurposing and upcycling ideas I found. Like so many other friends – I would collect Pins thinking I might get to do them someday.

My day arrived.

I was so tired of seeing the old, dark wood and wicker television stand we had in the great room so I decided to drag out the ugly old, even darker dresser from the barn and try my hand at repurposing.

I did several searches online for how to paint Sauder and laminate wood before I started – I found pictures through Google Images of “distressed furniture” to get an idea of the color I wanted and then I got to work.

Here are the before pictures:

old sauder dresser before (1)

Here is the part where I tear it all apart and sand it down.

old sauder dresser before (2)

And HERE is the finished product!

ugly old dresser to entertainment center - after

I did run into a few issues, but I’m quite pleased with the way it turned out.

More repurposed furniture projects coming up! I’m on a roll!

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