HCG Diet Made Simple: Your Step-By-Step Guide Beyond Pounds and Inches

hcg diet book - hcg diet review - hcg diet successA friend of mine on Facebook was carrying on about the HCG Diet and how fabulous her results were I decided to do a little prodding to find out more about her experience.

My friend purchased this book after she began using the HCG diet with the drops. Her told me her sister had been doing the HCG injections under the supervision of a doctor and had lost over sixty pounds. Of course with those kind of results, she began seeing more within their inner circle who were doing the HCG drops, and also losing tremendous amounts of weight. That’s when she decided to try HCG herself.

After careful and in-depth research, and collecting feedback from her sister and hearing what her doctor was telling her, she still felt like she needed more information so I bought this book to help me. It is full of information about HCG. My friend purchased this book and began her weight loss journey. So far she has lost over 25 pounds in in a little over one month.

She attributes this book for detailing what she can eat and what foods to stay away from. Initially she said she thought the price was a little much, but in hindsight is very glad she did.

Buy HCG Diet Made Simple: Your Step-by-Step Guide Beyond Pounds and Inches

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