How Twitter and One Book Can Improve Your Relationship

Steve Harvey Act Like a Lady

Since our social interaction has been taken by the storm of social media outlets like Facebook, Twitter – And by your ability to communicate in 140 characters or less – It’s obvious we are living in a man’s world where “we need to talk” is just not an option anymore.

Act Like a Lady, Think Like a Man: What Men Really Think About Love, Relationships, Intimacy, and Commitment is the latest addition to my personal library. It’s a book I will have, hold and never. ever. loan. out. I might add it to my Christmas shopping list for my friends who need the edge, but this book is a keeper ladies.

Armed with highlighter in hand, I urge every woman to grab a copy and begin reading. Keep reading and don’t stop! Why? Because this book will save you hours-upon-hours of trying to figure your man out. This book will save you hours-upon-hours of contemplating what is wrong with you, which by the way is Nothing. This book will teach you how to communicate with your man in a way that will please both you AND him. And in some cases, this book will reveal you all the reasons you should cut your losses and run.

With Twitter and the 15 short chapters in Act Like a Lady, Think Like a Man, women can learn to communicate their needs much better, clearer and straight forward.

Essentially, when it comes to relationships men are ST-OO-Pid! No offense guys, but it’s the truth. Men tend to get their relationship advice from the locker rooms, over a beer and from guys who aren’t in a relationship – and they actually try to act on that advice. Go figure!

Can I get a Doh! here?

Ladies, seriously, men cannot read body language. Men don’t just KNOW when something needs to be said, done, fixed or acted upon and they certainly can’t be taught to. You must learn to communicate your needs to them in as near 140 characters as possible.

Fact is, men will NEVER love women the way women love men. It’s just not going to happen – No way. No how! Not to worry though, men ARE capable of love and they do show us they love us – we’ve just never been taught to recognize that kind of love because we tend to get our relationship advice from other women who are just as needy and sappy as we are.

This book shows you the THREE easy ways to recognize that love – or to recognize when you are just a sport fish and will eventually be tossed back.

Throw everything you’ve ever learned about relationships, out the window and Read. This. Book. You won’t be sorry!

Be sure to check back and let me know what you thought! I really wanna know!


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