Hurricane Katrina – Not Done Yet

It’s been months since Katrina ravaged the U.S. but her wrath is still collecting human life.

Browie, Bushie, Governor, Mayor? Tell me, who is to blame?

Personally I think it’s a chain of events and blame that includes elected government officials as well as corporate America.

Who knows why these folks resorted to this option – it’s likely to never be exact from varied opinions.

One thing that can be done is making sure the victims of Katrina are able to get jobs over illegals. Make hiring illegals unsavory and possibly disastrous to all the businesses that hire them.

I think it’s a horrible tragedy that this family survived the Hurricane but they couldn’t survive life after Katrina.

Continue reading this story and share your thoughts on the situation – What can the U.S. do to improve our current situation and prevent further tragedies like this one.

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