I Accept Donald Trump’s Apology


Isn’t it odd and amazing all that the same time how liberals have discovered the difference between right and wrong? They are just now tapping into the topic of morality and offended by the littlest thing being praised by lamestream media.

Speaking of lamestream media, have you read the Wikileaks yet? There’s a lot of information in those Wikileaks. I hope it’s making you see things from another perspective.

I also find it interesting and curious that all of a sudden liberals everywhere are in love with George W. Bush. I see pictures of the first family locked in a hug or jamming out to tunes together with the Bush family. They seem so hunky dory, yet at the beginning of this eight year nightmare it was all George W. Bush’s fault. He was the spawn of Satan and everyone who couldn’t bring themselves to vote for Barack Obama was referred to as racist or even better, a domestic terrorist.

Let’s look at Hillary Clinton for a minute. She leaked U.S. security secrets and lied, she got people killed in Benghazi and lied, she rigged her own primary and lied, and she has a past with Bill Clinton that doesn’t quite convince me she is an advocate of women and children. She twists, distorts, and keeps lying thinking that it’s all going to magically disappear.

Do we really care what Trump said years ago if we don’t care what Team Clinton has done over the years? What about Hillary Clinton as Secretary of State? She let our guys down. Our guys are dead because of Hillary Clinton. Our guys requested security backup over, and over, and over again, and she never followed through with her responsibility as Secretary of State. In fact, Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama tried very hard to blame Benghazi all on a video!

You don’t want to get me started on the divisiveness of this administration who spewed repeatedly they would work hard to unite the nation. And then the left has the audacity to say Barack Obama couldn’t unite the left because of racism. Racism and division, race baiting, projection, and gas lighting seem to be the ammunition of these corrupt people. That, and arming the enemy with everything they need to keep terrorizing civilized people.

Now all of a sudden the left, Hillary Clinton’s camp, along with Republican Politicians are all shocked and confused by something Donald Trump said years ago!? Well, that’s the pot calling the kettle black. What a bunch of malarkey and highly hypocritical. Am I really supposed to care about what Donald Trump said years ago?

Nobody cared when Barack Obama’s friend Bill Ayers stepped on the U.S. Flag. Nobody cared about Bill Ayers and the Weather Underground. Nobody seemed to care about Barack Obama’s minister Jeremiah Wright preaching about chickens coming home to roost and America being damned by God himself. Did anyone care when Barack Obama said you didn’t build that or when he said he was going to spread the wealth?

What about Team Clinton? Look at all the trouble they have caused over the years and the mockery they have made of the White House. Bill Clinton and Hillary Clinton took advantage of everyone they could including a young naive women who was swept up by the grooming of a predator.

A vote for Donald Trump is not just a vote for Donald Trump. You have to look at the big picture. A vote for Donald Trump will also be a vote for his cabinet members, advisers, and the Supreme Court Seats.

Both the Democrat and Republican parties are freaking out right now because they are about to get their marching orders.

Washington D.C. does not rule the American people. We rule ourselves. The Washington Political Elite and their Mainstream Media whores do not run the show and I refuse to let them use our Constitution as toilet paper.

Stop and think people. There is a reason why Donald Trump has made it all the way to the end. This isn’t a coincidence. Don’t let the liberal morality police confuse you.

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  1. Gayla says:

    You mention several of the same people, comments and points as my mom. It is beyond me, how people can have such moral awakening and character one minute and not another – especially whe people have died!

  2. Angela says:

    I can’t get over Benghazi. So many requests for security were made and then blatantly ignored. How does the Secretary of State ignore something like that? Barack Obama was on his was to Las Vegas and they both blamed Benghazi on a video tape! The whole thing is sickening.

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