I Did Not Know That! 4 Odd Ways Teens Use To Get Drunk

Guest Post By Claire Taylor – More on Claire at the end of this post

Today's teenagers are definitely very creative. It also seems that they are driven to circumvent the rules that are there to primarily protect them and others from harm. This idea holds true as regards alcohol consumption. Specific regulations prohibit adolescents and, most especially, prepubescent children from drinking and even buying any kind of alcoholic drink. Because of this, kids today have concocted various strange ways to get drunk.

Teens who are old enough to drive might search out a shady liquor store that will sell booze to kids, while those who look more mature might be convinced to get fake IDs so that they can get into bars and have their fill there. These are well-known techniques and you probably have tried at least once when you were a teen too. But there are also not-so-common methods that teens have invented so that they can have access to alcohol. Youngsters are certainly resourceful, and parents must be very observant so that they can easily detect any problem. More importantly, it's helpful for adults to become familiar with how today's teens get drunk.

1. Finding bizarre brews. If you pick out a random house and rummage through the place's closets or kitchen and bathroom cabinets, you'll surely find a variety of items that contain alcohol. Decongestants, cough syrup, rubbing alcohol, mouthwash, fermented vinegar or cooking wine are a few examples. Teens can experiment with these. They usually opt for products that contain high amounts of alcohol, such as a hand sanitizer, which usually has an alcohol content of more than 60%. These unwise experiments can result in life-threatening trips to the ER.

2. Vodka shots… to the eyeball. Why would anyone intentionally put vodka or any kind of alcoholic beverage in his eye? To you, it sounds like a foolish idea. To an adventurous teen, it's one way to get a quick buzz. For the younger age group, this is commonly known as “vodka eyeballing.” This may sound fun and exciting to youngsters. However, this is discouraged by medical professionals as the activity can cause scarring and may cause eyesight deterioration over time.

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3. Chewing tainted gummy bears. Gummy bears are among the most recognizable candies around. But these adorable sweets are also being used by youngsters who want to get drunk. The candies are soaked in vodka or any alcoholic beverage. Then, anyone who wants to get drunk can just pop these tiny bears in his mouth. This not only endangers teenagers, but very young children too. Kids can accidentally ingest vodka-soaked bears. When this happens, Zavodnick, Zavodnick & Lasky, LLC states that victims should seek legal help. It's their right to file complaints especially if their loved ones got hurt or injured. Remember that alcohol can severely affect the health of children since their organ systems are still immature.

4. Snorting alcohol. How do you snort a liquid beverage? This is usually done by putting alcohol in a container and increasing the pressure inside the bottle. A rubber stopper or cork is used as this does not allow air to escape. As the pressure in the container increases, it also transforms the liquid alcohol into gas. Hence, when the pressure is released, an alcohol-cloud is produced. The substance can then be inhaled, which is very risky because it bypasses the stomach and liver, which help in breaking down alcohol compounds. A person can easily get high because of this. However, according to doctors, this method does significant damage to the brain and lungs.

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This blog post was written by Claire Taylor. She is a freelancer and a concerned mother who often tackles issues about safety and accidents.


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