I Take Issue with Overweight Cops & Emergency Workers In General

We were watching the news earlier and the reporter interviewed a policeman that was part of an investigation.

To be honest, I don’t even remember the incident that was being discussed because I too busy looking at the policeman and just how large he was.

Let me just say this…

If I’m in a burning house, do I want a woman or an overweight fireman coming in after me or do I want the man who looks like he could bench press 50 of me for lunch?

If I’m being chased by someone who is obviously much stronger then me who is wanting to beat the bejeezus out of me – who would I want running after the chaser? The overweight cop who is out of breath midway through the second block or do I want the one who wakes up 30 minutes early to run 3 miles?

If I’m on the third floor of an apartment building laying on the floor with my back blown out and the building elevator just went out – who do I want coming to my rescue? The chubby paramedic that stops at the top of floor 2 to catch his breath or do I want the young, fit dude that could pick up the gurney, tuck it under his arm and sprint up the stairs to my rescue?

No offense people – really! But when you are in the midst of a major family emergency, think about who you would want to see racing to your rescue then answer this…

Should there be strict testing and guidelines for anyone wishing to become a paid-by-the-taxpayers emergency rescue worker or not?

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