Indiana Governor’s Race, Who Has My Vote and Why

As I prepare my own ballet and work down the list of my options to research, next on my list is Indiana Governor. The following candidates are the choices we Hoosiers have:

Eric Holcomb – Republican
John Gregg – Democratic
Rex Bell – Libertarian

Since I know very little about any of these three candidates, the first place I went to begin my research was where I went straight to their campaign funding pages.

It didn’t take any more than that for me to determine who would secure my vote.

While I believe SOME unions are good, the fact is, unions are NOT what they used to be. In all actuality, they serve very little purpose these days. They don’t do much more than a good ambulance chasing attorney and OSHA can do. I don’t EVER agree with Union’s taking (forcefully, and we all know that’s exactly how it’s done) dues from all the employees and then using those dues to fund political candidate’s regardless of the political choices of those who paid their dues. Unions have become a new sort of Ponzi scheme and I just can’t support that. I should also point out that the UAW told a sizeable lie on Donald Trump.

John Gregg has received a gross amount of funding from unions – to me, that is instantly disqualifying. Small donations are one thing, hundreds of thousands is another. See for yourself here – I grabbed a screenshot.

John Gregg Indiana Governor race - union funding

Eric Holcomb – in review of the funding Eric Holcomb has received, I am more pleased with the donations he has reported. Most his funding comes from various committees within his own party and through individual contributions. That is much more in line with how I think politicians should fund their campaign.

Eric Holcomb Indiana Governor race - union funding

Rex Bell – As much as I would love to jump in and vote for Rex after realizing he is from right here in my neck of the woods, when I look at the Governor race as it stands on RealClearPolitics, I see that Gregg is a force to be reckoned with and I must vote with my conscience which tells me I must vote for the man who can beat Gregg. As well, there’s very little information about him, at least nothing I like to take into consideration when making my decision.

Eric Holcomb will be getting my vote in the Indiana Governor’s Race!

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