Internet Sensations: Best Dog Memes Of 2013

Memes are constantly making their way around the Internet. In fact, it doesn’t seem to take much for a meme to appear, and once created, they quickly find their way in front of millions.

One of the most popular meme genres falls around the use of dogs. Whether they’re heartfelt or funny, dog memes are swimming around the Internet with all the other popular memes. Check out some of the most popular dog memes of 2013.

Happy Dog

If you look closely at a dog, you can often tell when they’re smiling. Getting your dog to smile for a picture may not be an easy task, but when they do, you can use it for a meme, just like this one. The dog in this meme is sitting up so perfectly, with their head held high and a big old grin on their face, and the memes just kept on pouring in about the proud and happy dog.


The unattractive “Ermahgerd” girl meme has made its way across the Internet millions of times, and the whole idea of “ermahgerd” has been used in other locations ever since, including other memes. Instead of using the “ermahgerd” quote for the same unattractive girl, it is also used to express thoughts and ideas for crazy pictures of dogs.

The Beggar

Dogs are notorious for begging. Maybe they’re begging for a treat, to go outside or even for a bite of your food. Either way, they are always right there in your face when they want something. This meme with the dog’s head on the bed begging is the perfect example of how most dog owners wake up in the morning, which is why it’s seen so much success.

Dos Equis Puppy

Years ago, Dos Equis made a name for itself when they created “The Most Interesting Man in the World” commercials. Of course, since then, many people have made parodies of the commercial, and this includes dog memes. This dog meme uses a dog sitting nicely and generates quotes that sound exactly like something the most interesting dog in the world would say.

Smart Dog

People have been dressing their dog up for fun pictures, but when you get your dog to sit in a desk chair and wear glasses, it’s going to be an instant hit in the meme world. The smart dog meme has been hitting the Internet with various sayings, including crunching numbers to not afford a cat to making smart investments in tennis balls.

Dog Shaming

Dogs make mistakes, and owners have started to use their dog’s mistakes to create memes known as dog shaming. In these memes, dog owners write down what the dog did wrong (in first person voice from the dog of course) and place it next to the dog and take a picture. Not only can these memes be found on popular social sites like Pinterest and Facebook, but there’s even an entire website dedicated to dog shaming.

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