Is it cheating or flirting?

jealous There are a million articles written that discuss the differences between men and women and how they define cheating.

Though I don’t agree with women who consider looking at other women cheating I have to chime in and say, I think it should be considered exactly HOW he’s looking.  Is it glancing?  Is it drooling with the chin in the lap?

I was once married to a man who used to point out features he liked on other women by saying things like “I wish you had big boobs like her” or “I wish you had longer legs like she has.”  Though it may not be cheating, it’s very hurtful and those are words that may never be forgotten.

For the sake of curiosity, I present the following questions – If you are a man reading this and would like to respond – simply replace woman/women where applicable.

Here you go –

1. Looking at another woman?  Cheating or flirting?

2. Emailing an ex?  Cheating or flirting?

3. Hanging out with a woman at work?  Cheating or flirting?

4. Kissing another woman?  Cheating or flirting?

5. Going to a strip club?  Cheating or flirting?

Think about how you would address each question, share your opinion in the comments section and let’s get to the bottom of this cheating versus flirting debate.

* this article has been revived from an old collection of articles I have written elsewhere

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