Is Snooping Always Bad?

From a Date1411 Reader asking for the advice of others:

I’ve been dating a man for just over a year and in the last few weeks I’ve had a horrible gut feeling that something just isn’t right. Following my instinct, I checked his cell phone while he was in the shower. Sure enough there was something to be concerned about.

What I found was an exchange of messages between he and another woman. It was obvious something more than friendship was going on.

My problem is that If I reveal to him that I know, I also reveal that I’ve been snooping. That’s not such a good thing. I know I shouldn’t feel guilty for snooping, but I do.

I need some advice on how to approach this problem or even if I should. Sometimes I feel like I should just tell him I don’t trust him and when there’s a lack of trust, there’s nothing worth having.


Guilty Snooper

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  1. claire@Love Advice says:

    Snooping is not a good idea, but since you’ve done it, no point in living in denial. Don’t say you don’t trust him outright; we don’t want to make hasty conclusions. Just tell him something’s bothering you. Best to discuss matters like these while you too are having a good time and feeling comfy.

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