It’s not a sex issue–it’s a respect issue

An Indianapolis teen is recovering after he says his girlfriend’s family members beat him up for having sex with her.

The Pike High school student, 18, drove to his girlfriend’s home Sunday morning. He said the girl let him into the home and the two went back to her bedroom.

Shortly after that, the girl’s brother caught the two in flagrante delicto. The teen says the brother called for the girl’s step father and the two then proceeded to beat him up.

The teen claims the 40-year-old stepfather kicked him in the left side of his face and the girl’s brother, 21, punched him in the jaw. He drove himself to the hospital and claims he suffered two fractures to his jaw and that one tooth was broken off.

It’s not clear how old the girl is but the teen claims the two had been dating for at least four months. [ via Fox59 News ]

When I was a teen, I think every boy in my school was afraid of my dad. All it took was one guy to tell how strict my dad was, to ruin my social life. There is no doubt, if I had crossed this sort of line, my dad would have probably done the same thing – and then he would have made me wish I had been beaten.

Kids live in a world where they feel they are entitled to anything and everything. If more parents were strict and laid down the law with threats of severe punishment, teens would be very different.

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