Jung Personality Self Assessment Test

Out of curiosity I took the Jung personality assessment test this morning. I’m saying it’s pretty darned accurate based on my results shown here:

The rating range is between 14 and 70 with the mean of 42.
Yor detail scores are:   E – I =  43 ,    S – N =  37 ,    T – F =  51 ,    J – P =  56

Your personality type is     ENTJ     Extroverted thinking with intuiting

The details of ENTJ personality are :

In charge at home, they expect a lot from spouses and kids. They like organization and structure.

The careers that make most use of ENTJ personality type.

(Personality match from employer perspective)

Human Resources, Designer, Project manager, Technical specialist, Manager, Marketing specialist, Consultant, Professor/academic/lecturer

Careers chosen by those of ENTJ personality type.

(Personality match from employee perspective)
Human Resources, Teacher, Engineer, Scientist/biologist/physicist/chemist, Assistant, Accountant/auditor/banker/economist, , Careers/occupational/advice/therapy, Computer specialist, Consultant, Artist/actor, Senior Manager, Manager, Project manager

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