List of open Class Action Rebates ($10 – $200), most require no receipt. (US Only)

When companies settle class action lawsuits they are required to set up a settlement fund to pay customers who purchased their products (usually in the $10 – $200 range). The funds are usually poorly publicized, instructions are in legal jargon that’s hard to decipher and in the end, the money goes unclaimed.

A web friend of mine has put together a list of open settlements and summarized the legal aspects and requirements to make it super easy for people to make their claims. Many of the settlements don't require a receipt because the courts aren’t going to expect people to keep receipts on products they bought 2+ years ago.

Filing for most settlements will take less than 5 minutes. Most people in the US will find a few things they can claim. (a few open settlements include Facebook, Sketchers, Walmart Organic Milk, EA Sport Football games, Coppertone, etc)

Sorry non-US residents – class actions are primarily within the United States and are only available to people purchased their products in the United States.

The site is completely free. If you have any questions, leave them in the comments below and I’ll do my best to answer them or contact someone who can.

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