Louisiana Flooding and Disgusting News Media


Why isn’t the news media reporting about what’s going on with the flooding down in Louisiana? Does anyone remember Hurricane Katrina and New Orleans? Everyone gave President George W. Bush such a hard time because he didn’t react quickly enough to their liking. During Hurricane Katrina it seemed the news media at the time would only report from New Orleans. I know for a fact that New Orleans wasn’t the only location hard hit at that time. Gulfport and Biloxi Mississippi suffered greatly but you didn’t hear much about that because it wasn’t divisive enough or headline grabbing. You know, it’s all about the ratings with the news media.

Remember corrupt Mayor Ray Nagin being featured on beloved-by-everyone Oprah Winfrey’s talk show? It was the beginning of the end of my respect for Oprah Winfrey. I’m sure she meant well but her reporting of what was going on in New Orleans wasn’t 100% truthful. She contributed to the false narrative of black people not being helped by our Government. To me, this seems to be the typical liberal narrative.

Remember when Kanye West got on the television and said that President George W. Bush hated black people? I wonder if Kanye Kardashian West is paying attention!? Last time I checked, black people still live in Louisiana. I wonder if Kanye is as critical of President Obama as he was of President George W. Bush – I doubt it! By the way, where is President Obama?

You cannot trust what is being reported in the news. What you see on television is not the complete truth. It’s only a slant depending upon who is in power. If the President of the United States were conservative they’d be getting at it, trying to make it a story about racial bias, or some other story to try and spoon feed more lies to the masses in order to keep us divided and subservient.

I feel sorry for ALL the people in Louisiana and I am praying this disaster subsides quickly so people can get back to their lives. You read that right – I said, “ALL the people in Louisiana.”

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