Mom Arrested Over Truant Son

Should you have to go to jail if your child skips school? An Alabama Judge has sentenced a mother to 97 days in jail – the same number of days her son missed classes in middle school. The district only allows five unexcused absences.

What are your thoughts?

Is three months too drastic a punishment for parents of truant kids?

Or – Are they the people most responsible if a child won’t go to school? Who should pay?

My thoughts:

I know there are many cases where the parent or parents have to work outside the home. There are lots of kids who are left to take responsibility for getting ready for school and actually going.

I don’t know too many kids that wouldn’t take advantage of that, at least sometimes.

I don’t believe the mother should serve time in jail – I do however, think the kid should be taken either to a juvenile facility, a bootcamp sort of facility or to a foster home for the length of time the mother would have to serve.

I have always believed there should be consequences for your actions and if the kid is missing school – the kid should pay the price.

It takes a village to raise a child – but when a child screws up, it’s not the village that’s called on the carpet – it’s the parent.

Kids are so entitled these days. They are spoilt rotten and need to be the proud recipient of a little wake up call that would encourage them to respect and appreciate the life they have – not keep demanding more and thinking the world revolves around them.

I’m a harsh assed parent! If my kids pulled that stunt, I would probably TAKE them to school personally and escort them to each and every class for a couple of days. I’d make them never want to make that mistake again.

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