More on Carlie Christine and The Playboy Cheerleading Coach

The parents that reported Carlie Christine (aka Carlie Beck) was on Today this morning. Heather and Scott Geneilla was called on the carpet for the possibility that she exposed Carlie as part of a vengeance scheme.

The dad said “This is a leader of young women” as if he is a saint who didn’t get a bit of a thrill checking out the photos.

Their daughter Adelle Geneilla was not allowed to try out for the cheer team because of a rules violation. So the mom decided to show that the cheer coach was violating rules too by having posed for Playboy in a former life prior to her coaching. When did two wrongs start making a right?

It was a bit more than obvious to me that the mom is a bit of a bee-yoch that wants her daughter to be on the cheer squad at any cost – especially when she didn’t want to lose control over the conversation with Matt Lauer.

Can we say OB-VEE-OUS?

The daughter claims she was disappointed and had morals that were not in line with those of her coach.


Seriously though – I understand the cheer coach made a mistake – but I can see where this could have been handled in a way that is much more beneficial to our youth if handled properly. Coming on the attack of the coach is not going to get anywhere – obviously. Carlie is developing quite the following of fans!

I have to admit, I’m kinda sorta glad the vindictive manner in which the Geneilla’s have handled this situation is blowing up in their faces.

Am I off kilter here?

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