Mr. Shoes Camouflage Canvas Sports Shoes for Your Pooch

dog camo shoes

As the temperatures begin to drop, our little wimpy dog, Cooper, is showing signs that he isn’t going to deal with the cold weather very well.

Besides getting him a warm coat, blanket and bed, we’ve even discussed getting him some doggie shoes to cover his little paws when he goes out in the extremely cold weather.

These are just too cute! I think we’ll be adding these camo sneakers to his Christmas list.


These fashionable doggie shoes will keep your dog’s paws clean and help protect them from sand, heat and coarse surfaces. Adjustable nylon shoe string fastener offer easy dressing and a snug, secure fit.


●Fashionable camouflage color
●Durable rubber tread and comfortable canvas
●Adjustable nylon shoe string fastener ensure for easy dressing
●Keeps paws clean and helps protect them from sand, heat and coarse surfaces –

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