NEWSFLASH: People Hate Hillary Because She is Old

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In the recent Washington Post article, Hillary Clinton is a 68-year-old woman. And plenty of people hate her for it, the claim is a woman Hillary’s age is supposed to be invisible. But Hillary Clinton, who is 68, refuses to disappear — and there is no shortage of people who despise her for it.

Allegedly, a Donald Trump supporter was quoted as calling Hillary “an angry, crotchety old hag.”

The article goes on to provide a LABEL. We all KNOW how VERY much the Democrats like to label everyone and segregate them into as many, easy-to-manage micro-groups as they can while calling it “equality.”

They Say…

“There’s misogyny, and then there’s the ageist misogyny that older women face. That under­current runs very deep in our culture, and it’s one of the reasons the haters hate Hillary Clinton so deeply.”

Reality Check

The reality is, people don’t hate Hillary Clinton because of her age, it’s what she has done in all those years leading up to the age she is now. She’s CROOKED!

Aside from the quote by a supposed Donald Trump supporter in this article, I have NEVER heard one person mention her AGE. Her health? Yes. Her lies? Yes. Her deception? Lots! But never her age.

But hey, nice job Washington Post for drawing attention to one more reason for people to REALLY think their vote through before they cast it next month. 

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