Not Every Conception is of God and Not Every Birth is Godly

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This morning, while scrolling through my feeds, I stumbled on an amazing story about a 14-year-old girl who was gang raped and resulted in a pregnancy. That girl chose to carry out the pregnancy and place the baby for adoption. The story goes on to detail multiple blessings that resulted from the decision of that young girl. As much as I LOVE reading these heartwarming tales, my heart breaks for the victims who choose otherwise.

When someone very close to me was molested, and since founding, my eyes have been opened to just how much evil is in the world.

I HAVE to believe there are some cases that can be carried to term and result in a blessing, but the reality is, there are more that can’t. I trust God to let them know and guide them.

Victims of such horrible acts such as rape and incest should NEVER have their power or choice taken away from them anymore than has been done by the crimes against them. Those girls/women should not continue to be victimized, NOT by people and certainly NOT by law.

Not everyone has the mental or emotional capability to handle the trauma to remain bound to/by that crime for an entire pregnancy.

My heart breaks for all victims, all the way around.

I have so much respect for people who can carry out a pregnancy, but I also respect those who can’t and take whatever measures they need to heal.

Not every “conception” is of God, no more than every human is Godly. The Bible even says so – this is just one of many examples I found:

“The wicked go astray from the womb, they err from their birth, speaking lies. They have venom like the venom of a serpent. … Let them vanish like water that runs away, like grass let them be trodden down and wither. Let them be like the snail which dissolves into slime, like the untimely birth that never sees the sun.” (Psalms 58:3-8)

A woman will KNOW in her soul if she is filled with a blessing or something wicked. The CHOICE should be between the victim and her God, and regardless of what choice she makes, she should know she is safe, protected, supported and respected.

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