Olivia Sprauer was fired for what Victoria James did

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Hey Olivia Sprauer/Victoria James – I only had one of these left for today and now, it’s all yours!

Olivia Sprauer is getting just what she wants – 15-minutes of fame! Olivia has been seen speaking out on several entertainment television shows and has been quoted a ga-zillion times across the web.

The instant I heard a teacher was fired for “bikini photos,” my gut told me that eager ears were not hearing the whole story.

Enter my inner Internet detective.

I was a little disappointed that I didn’t face more of a challenge, uncovering the OBVIOUS reasoning behind Ms. Sprauer’s termination. If I were a betting person and had the winning Powerball ticket for tonight’s drawing in my hand, I would bet the entire jackpot that Ms. Sprauer wasn’t fired for the bikini shots of Ms. Sprauer – rather, she was called on the carpet and terminated for the uhem, “modeling pics” of Victoria James.

Olivia Sprauer was quoted as saying "I don’t make pornography. I don’t open my legs on camera. I take swimsuit glamour style photography."

From what I’ve seen, Olivia might not, but Victoria James does! The images on her ModelMayhem site contain images I wouldn’t want my elementary kid linking to their teacher.

But this one, and others like it are more along the lines of what got her fired (click to enlarge)

victoria james - olivia sprauer

Personally, I think Ms. Sprauer is the one who tipped off the school in the first place. In her interviews, she makes it well known that she had no plans of returning next year – so what better way to go out than with a scandal that would make it all the way to Entertainment Tonight?

I think I’ll go stick my finger down my throat now. Everyone can believe what they want – but for me – I don’t buy Ms. Sprauer acting like the victim here. The real victims are the children she taught.

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