Open Letter to My Hillary Clinton Stalker and Follow up

meanpeople suck

Earlier this week I received a very mean, cruel message on my blog. The person used my Grandpa’s name, Frank, as their fake name and in their comment they used my deceased brother and other personal stuff to attack me on a deep, emotional level. Considering that my kids think I do better research than the FBI, it didn’t take me long to figure out who SHE was. This is the message I posted on Facebook letting her know, I figured her out.


If you paid for a membership on so you could stalk me and leave a nasty comment on my blog, you really should ask for a refund. It doesn’t work. At least not for me anyway. When it comes to the Internet and playing games, you really are WAY out of your league with me, dear! Just so you know that I really DO know WHO you are, check your FB group, you’ll see I’m no longer there. I’ll give you time to read this message then I will unfriend/unfollow you, unless of course you prefer to save me the trouble. Oh and, LOVE the email name you chose – it’s SO fitting. cunexttuesday@yahoo? bahahaha.

A couple of days later, after considerable thought, I posted this follow up:


Since that incident I’ve thought about MY personal experience this political season. I have NOT gone to my friends accounts to attack them, but I have had a few who’ve brought their *hate* to me and made it personal. I remove them and move on. No hate, just poof, gone. Apart from those few, my experience as a Trump supporter has been SO positive. After I went on Fox & Friends, people from around the country found me and GREAT friendships were born. I am so thankful for them (you know who you are) – I’ve always believed when a student is ready, a teacher will appear. After Fox, all the *teachers* I needed, appeared. They come from lives, lifestyles and religions I know little to nothing about.

God knows my heart is good and that I’d never intentionally hurt anyone else with a good heart (mean people suck so they’re fair game) – My amazing teachers who are Muslim, or gay, or black, or veteran came into my life for a reason! It’s because of them that I know beyond ALL doubt, that I have put my support behind the right men! #TrumpPence ALL my friends mean the world to me. Y’all are in my life for a reason! Love the memories and those yet to be made!

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