Over 80% of Online Daters Suspect Profile Pictures on Dating Sites are Fake

PR NEWSWIRE — According to research by a new online photo verification site, http://www.CheckedProfile.com, over 80% of online daters have suspected that the profile images being used online are fakes and over a third have actually discovered that a person’s identity does not match that of their online persona.

http://www.CheckedProfile.com is a new service that was launched in the US.

CheckedProfile.com works really simply with the following 5 steps:

  1. You upload the profile picture that you would like to be verified
  2. The site gives you a unique code
  3. Take another picture of yourself holding the unique code (akin to holding up a copy of today’s newspaper)
  4. One of CheckedProfile.com’s experts immediately checks that both images are the same person
  5. If successful, you are given a unique stamp which you can upload onto any website (not just dating specific, e.g. Facebook, Twitter etc.)

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