Picking Apart the Candidates Following the CNN GOP Debates


Jeb Bush – Jeb should stay away from trying to play the tough guy. He just can't pull it off. The one, memorable moment was when he admitted to smoking weed and that his mother wasn't going to like it. In that moment, Jeb was REAL and resonated with me, and likely, many others.

Ben Carson – Super nice guy. Brilliant, but I'm just not getting a presidential feel from him. I can't stop thinking that's what Michael Jackson would have sounded like, IF he were slightly more masculine. Although I don’t see him as being presidential, I would like to see him remain in the running because I think he brings something very different to the race.

Chris Christie – I used to LOVE this guy and while he had a couple of moments where his assertiveness commanded attention, I just don't get the presidential feel from him either. Highlight was his Adam's Family comment. How many people instantly visualized Morticia?

Ted Cruz – Someone on Twitter nailed this one when they said “Ted Cruz studied at the William Shatner School of Overacting.” When Ted talked to the camera it gave me the creeps. Something is just NOT settling with me on this guy. Very creepy vibes!

Carly Fiorina – Although I struggle with watching her melodrama when she speaks, I think Carly owned the night. She proved she was worthy of being on the main stage and could carry her own weight with the “guys.” She's an awesome speaker. On her toes – but definitely NOT the next POTUS. She was also the ONLY one NOT sweating profusely! However, she wasn't wearing a suit and tie.

Mike Huckabee – Old Mike lost me a LONG time ago! He's old! He has archaic views and should move to Kentucky where Kim Davis and her kin will worship him. They're probably the last bunch with an ounce of admiration left for this has-been.

John Kasich – John did a great job. I'd never heard of him before and didn't know much about him. I don't think he helped or hurt himself in this debate. He's still flying in a holding pattern.

Rand Paul – A little man with a big attitude. I have a difficult time taking anything he says, seriously. He's got a chip on his shoulder and out to prove to the world that he is much bigger than he actually is. He reminds me of the fat, band geek who grows up, buffs up, becomes a cop and bullies the world, because he CAN. Rand has got to Go!

Marco Rubio – Lost me with his inconsiderate, opening joke! Dude was IN California. There's a DROUGHT! Don't bring a bottled water and make light of it. Every time the camera panned over to him, he was dobbing sweat. It may have been hot in the Reagan Library, but I think Marco was showing signs of stress FAR more than other candidates. Rubio needs to go home. He's done!

Donald Trump – While it was an orchestrated attack on Trump – I think he showed reserve. He was quiet FAR more than normal. I was impressed with his attempts at a Trump style apology. The comment that was made about Jeb's wife was NOT an attack on her, it was pointing out the fact that Jeb would be softer on immigration because he is married to an Hispanic. It had NOTHING to do with her personally. Jeb using it to get his tough guy on, ehhh, it didn't impress me much.

Scott Walker – Who? He's not even interesting enough to explore. Scott should go home!

JV Debates:

Lindsey Graham – I was VERY impressed with Lindsey. Without a doubt, he owned the Round 1 Debate.

Bobby Jindal – NOT presidential. I can't get passed the fact that he looks like a Pixar creation inspired by a carnival caricature. Seriously, the comic images of him look like painted portraits. There is NO difference. See for yourself

bobby jindal cartoons  

George Pataki – LOVED him the moment he addressed the whole Kim Davis issue. That moment caught my attention. I'll be paying much closer attention to this guy.

Rick Santorum – Much like Scott Walker. BORING. Very closed minded. And NOT presidential whatsoever! Rick needs to pack up and go home.

That being said, if I could vote some off the island and keep the rest to proceed, my picks would be:

Pack it Up and Go Home! Chris Christie, Ted Cruz, Mike Huckabee, Rand Paul, Marco Rubio, Scott Walker, Bobby Jindal and Rick Santorum.

I will be following John Kasich, Donald Trump, Lindsey Graham and George Pataki, much closer.

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