Pinterest Inspired – Entertainment Center Makeover

pinterest inspired entertainment center

My husband used to have this *thing* for wicker (more wicker makeovers to come). This piece was a little dark for my taste and had wicker basket drawers.

The thing I detest about wicker is, it collects dust! It’s hard to clean and if there are drawers, those drawers become a catchall for everything under the sun. I’m guilty of stuffing things in drawers with the intention of re-homing it to it’s proper location later – so ridding this piece of it’s drawer space, eliminates my urge to create bigger projects for later.

On this piece, I removed the drawers and hardware associated with them. I buffed it up with a very mild sandpaper and gave it a quick coat of a warm eggshell color. I put the coat of paint on thin. When I had it fully coated, I went back to the beginning with my brush, no paint and gave it a few swipes in the areas I wanted to appear distressed. That allowed the natural wood to peak through a little and gave it a look I absolutely fell in love with.


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