Reasons not to date an adulterer

I love how so many articles on adultery are written with the man being the cheater.  Personally, I believe women are just as capable of cheating as any man I’ve ever met.

10 Things to Know BEFORE Dating a Married Man is a wonderful article listing several reasons that seem so common sense, but many people who are knee deep in love with an adulterer don’t stop to realize.

The one thing that always made it so easy for me to refrain from dating a cheater was the fact if they could cheat on their spouse so easily with me – doesn’t that mean they could cheat on me just as easily?

Who wants a relationship like that?

There are plenty more reasons not to date a cheater and Dr. Goulston does a great job of discussing them.

What are your thoughts on dating a cheater?  Dating a married man or woman for that matter?

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